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So when someone walks in with a doctor's coat on, we automatically create a story narrative around the qualities, and the traits abilities of that person methodical. They're careful in their details. Are three of the typical qualities that we attribute to a doctor smart, intellectual driven all those other ones could be can be there as well. Well, it turns out that if you were to put on a doctor's coat yourself. You actually unconsciously. Adopt the traits of the doctor or the lab, the personnel app where you will actually start to act more methodical careful and detailed. And this was proven out in a great study that was done at the Kellogg school of management where they brought a bunch of students into a room and they had them ever seen that I test, where it has the word of color. But then it's colored differently than. So it's like the word is read, but then it's colored in blue and orange is in yellow and so forth. And so they have all these words out there and you have to go through and say the word without making mistake, and what they do is they time you to see how quickly can get through all the words and they track how many mistakes you make. So they brought in all these students and they had them do this test, then they leave and bringing another group of students, and they hand them a white coat, and they tell him into painters coat into put it on, and then they do the test. They track the results, and then they bring in a third group, and this time they tell him to put on the white coat. But this time it's a lab coat or a doctor's coat. Same white is they'll previous one and they do the test. So what are the results? Well, the people who wore the lab coat. Doctor's coat. They did the test in less than half the time and made less than half the mistakes as the other two groups. Why is that because of what I just said they adopted the traits of being more careful methodical and detailed, which are qualities that helped win help you with that specific task. No. When you had the painters coat on while painters coat you. Adopt the traits of being more creative imaginative and expressive. Those are three qualities that don't help you with that specific task. But when they flip the tasks, and this time they gave them a creative test. The people were the painters, coat will their results went up and the people in the lab coat doctors could on there's fell down to the mean so this is just one example of, you know, win were one. We're trying to find that told him that artifact that talisman whatever it might be is we can. That's the great thing about humans, we can infuse the meaning into it. So when I put on those glasses those glasses meant to me, the qualities of being confident, articulate and decisive three qualities that I was lacking at the time, but what the, the secondary part of that, which adds even more power? This is when you put on that talisman or that artifact or that told him whatever it is, or you use something or you step into the idea of your alter ego, whatever. Whoever it is you want to honor them. And so, you know, Anthony when he's going onto the basketball court, and we talked this through is like, you know, if you're going out there truly is Anthony ghost..

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