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How to do things and I think that While there's challenges along the way in we're like every other team we have to You know play the rules of the collective bargaining agreement and The other rules that are in place to make sure that ever all thirty teams have an ability to compete for a championship and You know so you know you have to take all those factors and then do your best. And it's it's hard to win in this league and you don't do that unless you have talent and that was one of the areas that we wanted to make sure that we The solidified was You know bringing a strong team of talent To give our scouting department Everything that they needed to make sure that we drafted welcome. And then of course with the G. League and developing those players in a way that gives them a seamless transition from g lead to MBA. What I'm curious to hear your perspective on the G. League as you know we're fans the University of Michigan in Michigan's is Lost Five Star. Kid Isaiah Todd and you're seeing other kids going Langham's going to college. I'm going to the G. League and I've heard the argument in many ways that this is good for both sides of the equation. Obviously we lost Michigan. Lost a five star kid. But you've got now guys who don't want to go to college it really just WanNa be. Nba Players who were would have gone to college for a year. Because we're making you and then they they're like okay. I just want to go straight and delete so now college almost kind of levels the playing field a little bit over there as I mean. Was that a conscious decision by the NBA. I think at overtime you know. It's it's important for us to take the responsibility of developing our players and one thing that I learned From Ambler many things from Phil Jackson. But you know you really cannot determine who player is until they're twenty five twenty six years old and everybody matures differently and if you're drafting players at nineteen in now at some point possibly eighteen years old then you have to take accountability for how you know. You're training those those players Giving them the resources allowing them to mature at whatever rate that they need to and You know investing back so I do think it's an obligation not only of Arley but every professional league to have some kind of investment in the future of the players that will be played early. Why do you think the NBA? Which in our opinion the NBA of all the major sports leagues is like the most nimble the most socially conscious I remember when we were in Charlotte and they were. They were the political thing of the bathroom laws. I remember the hair. We're doing comedy. We're doing standup comedy in Charlotte and we're ripping the bathroom. Laws and and some of our getting some blowback from some people in the crowd and we were seeing banners for the All Star game on street lights and then basically NBA is said. Either address this or we're not putting our all star game there and then they pulled it. I thought that was just an unbelievably socially conscious move and the whole league being nimble impressive. Why do you think the NBA is able to be that way whereas other leagues are having a harder time doing that? I think our leadership in terms of our commissioner Adam silver and I think that you know I would say You know I don't know the exact number but more than half. The teams have turned over terms of ownership in the last ten years. Or so. And I think that you have a younger more you know I guess socially responsible you know group of owners investors who believe in what sports can mean to a community and to Really do right by You know doing doing what's right and society and being a leader in that way and we as a league You know encourage our players to have a voice and and also to not have a voice that they don't want to. It's not like you know you're only Drafting people who WanNa be activists in and take those kinds of roles. It's really what however the the player or the front office or whoever the the NBA You know between all the employees of teams and players things like that we we encourage our our people to have an opinion to have a voice and stand up for what they believe in direct contrast to the NFL in the kneeling and all that stuff at the national anthem that to me was it just felt like your league. Yes you stamp in the National Anthem. Your League but it that is it showed how minor that was in comparison to what you allow your players to be able to say and have their voice in I guess locker rooms are smaller in the NBA. And so it's more of a maybe a more of a cohesive group Bud fascinating to me that it can be social such a socially conscious league like that. I wanted to ask about because you know we had gotten to know a Royce white grape player A lot about and in dealt with like anxiety. It's so interesting because now we're shining more of a light on mental health issues and whatnot and players. You know not one is the simple thing of there's so much travel in the NBA. There is so much travel in the idea of like. I can't fly. I have tremendous anxiety from flying it. That's a major part of major stumbling walk. How do you think the NBA League is trying to address that type of thing so that great players like Royce White? Who MAY HAVE ISSUES? You know in terms of mental health things that they're dealing with. How does the League going to move forward? Is that as far as that goes in terms of helping those people out I mean. I think we're a leader in that area as well you know the NBA has a mandate that every team have a mental wellness coordinator in a program that could provide resources to players and to the employees as needed And that's like A. It's a tricky situation to be involved in because a lot of medical activity is covered under Himba laws and You know maintaining a player's privacy is completely important to us but also having those resources and in it for us by example we moved into a new practice facility three years ago and part of that was a partnership with Ucla Health. So now we have the resources of UCLA health As needed and I you know so in the last two or three years that we've been working with them. I've been astonished at how many times they have been a resource that I wouldn't have thought of before in in a circumstance. Excuse me and certainly. We had an enormous tragedy Take place You know it's it's hard for me to talk about small. I'm not sure how much I can talk about You know losing Kobe. Bryant but The the effect on our team and our employees was profound and You know it. It was a blessing to have. Ucla there to help.

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