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Dot com. I care. So I cleanse, do you It's gonna check about w lk. Why? Weather forecast live A little cloudy here Mad Melissa. Bitch. Yeah, cloudy to start it. At least it's warm for you on the back side there. Tony Temperature's starting out around 70 degrees, But we're gonna keep this cloud cover through the day. We're still gonna be able to get highs up to about 81 degrees. That's gonna be an early afternoon high. Because we're going to start dodging shower and storm chances as we head later on through the day, especially into the afternoon hours. Some of those could contain some heavy downpours, and we'll keep that threat of rain fall into tonight with a low near 65. Also tomorrow looks to be soggy as well with highs near 75, but we continue to have good news. In the late weak forecast will be drying out Thursday night. Well, Seymour Sunshine for Oaks Day Friday. Ah, cool high of 65, but nothing cold will be chilly Derby morning in the forties, but highs go to a sunny 74. We'll be back in the eighties by Sunday that you're wook. Why forecast a mammal Osa veg. Well, everybody's feeling good. They've got their shots. They're coming over. You're gonna have a little bit of a party with a few friends and things are going great until someone spills that red wine of your carpet. Or maybe gets a little, uh, outside with the rain and everything else coming in from Churchill Downs and Actually, you know all that dirt on your carpet or maybe your upholstery, whatever the case may be, And of course, your kids playing around as well or bringing the dog in after wet, wet afternoon after they go and exercise in your backyard. Well, that's why zero raises their four years here. Where's that patent technology called Power Water could help clean your carpets or rugs or upholstery. Even your air ducts. It does a great job of power, water, electrolytes, water that cleans better than traditional soaps and harsh chemicals. It doesn't have a tacky, sticky, lingering going on. So it leaves zero sticky residue behind on your carpets and services. Get it, dear Arrest. Take advantage of the spring cleaning sale going on right now you'll get three rooms of carpet clean for just $119 and get a hallway clean for free. If you mention my name, Toni Kroos 119 bucks always clean for free You say Toni Kroos semi 502909 39. 90. That's the number five Oh 29 or 9 39 90, or you could schedule online at zero rez Louisville dot com. Hi folks. It's Kris Allen, CEO of I Cleanse In the past. You've heard me talk about I cleanse and our UBC disinfection products or the company that's been helping to keep your employees and customers safe during this pandemic. We've done this by using our pad and state of the art UBC disinfection products.

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