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Barren it's a privilege all up I actually have a question for you George and started down he's not a doctor though he's not a doctor just a pharmacist but the promise is spent all four months up and saying we should doubt set up mobile laboratories with electron microscopes we can actually get a visual on the virus sentimental songs and maybe spend a month at post office or a school so that people can actually get a visual on the virus in the other thing is interferon nobody's talking about it George I know you're familiar with that a question for you charge should be cut did she know Dr Mary I've been meaning to ask you the call log I do not know that mark if she knew ingo Swann very well but I don't know if she knew the person you just mentioned you're you're familiar with Dr Mary monkeys yes the story yeah right she would center biological files so I believe and would it be alright to plug a block for Tom if it's okay it was a father Malachi Martin and wind swept how yes recall that Porky my father father mark used to be on all the time on the program with our two years ago what what a shame what a shame what a man I would say a very enlightening up the bat wings swept house will open a lot of heights and Dr Ben pharmacists pharmacist I'm at this time sorry the pharmacist band are you familiar with interferon interferon is a class of proteins a calm signaling molecules they turn on the immune system and and they got some really interesting facts and I actually there are being looked at isn't used to fight hepatitis C. all of ours they help your body fight fire they don't doing themselves a signal this whole idea signaling is really fascinating there's there's molecules in the body that signal they call it basically they communicate to the south to get going the the interferon communicates to special immune cell called a macro files that has tremendous tremendous anti microbial properties macro means Big Five means eating and if you ever played pacman you can see exactly how a macro files work interferon activates the apartment can you imagine the store to talk with the missiles earlier the new system also have eaters like pac man like the Chief Justice did you did you know toward that amount why did god create a virus well by you know ten percent of your genetics are virus viral viruses are everywhere George does do you still plan is what's their purpose the bankruptcy of all things they move things a big work genetically their pieces of information yeah but have you ever heard of.

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