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On what we know right now. Here in the moment Nutshell review of what you posted. So people can read it so they can kind of get some more insight on On your thoughts on what happened saturday. Just the gist of it is sort of what i touched on before i turned it over to you. This is disappointing but understandable. It's flooding surprising. I mean we are. And i've still got people in my mentions right now. Like i just got a tweet. From pastor. Tim ninety and pastor tim ninety says only one player tested positive for gonzaga. This sounds fishy to me. It sounds like gonzaga doesn't want to play baylor. Like come on pastor. Tim ninety it only sounds fishy to you. Because you don't know what you're talking about has been on the road for like two weeks there in indianapolis longer. They've been in indianapolis all week. They're not just decided to cancel a game ninety minutes because somehow they were concerned about how they're gonna guard macy's teagan a ball screen like this is what happened in the health officials stepped in and said we're not going to allow this game to be played. It's it really is as simple as that sort of the point. I'm making the column. So i've got pastor. Tim ninety people like him in the should just played the game. And then you've got the serov survival rate people in you mentioned saying oh. The players will fine. All young people are fine. Which of course is mostly true if if you define fine by survive in not end up on a ventilator but i think sometimes people stopped paying attention to these numbers or just decided. They're not gonna care about these numbers but we have a past the point of two hundred and seventy eight thousand dead americans in the past ten months because of this virus hospitalizations in the united states over the past week are up twelve point. Eight percent deaths in the united states are up over the past week thirty five percent. So if you're somebody who's dismissive of cases or positivity rate you because all that leads to as sniffles that's what people will tell you well. Hospitalizations are up to around thirteen percent over the past week. Endesa up around thirty five percent over the past week in this country. That's not something. You can be dismissive off. And beyond that.

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