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I expect. I expect this question line to be quite a bit longer. Everyone you know what's always resonated with me Leyland now. We talked about this last night at dinner. His you know driving humanity into your sales success and you gave tremendous examples of that really connecting the humanity of yourself and your y to your customer. So they feel that right. How'd you achieve that? Where does that? Where does that come from that? Become a thing honestly. This is kind of how I think about it. My First Job was for my dad. At a doctor's office I had pregnant. Ladies and old men come in those are the two doctors that I worked for and they were just patients like regardless of what happened and how they treated you and what they needed their patients sick. So everyone that I talked to you. I just think of what's going on in your life. What's on your little blackboard on your chest. Like what are you trying to say like what is going on through? That made you so upset or happier. Anger whatever and realizing that they're just people like everyone has shit like everyone has. Should we just have different kinds of it at different times? And so in my head the way I look at it as if you were patient right now I would be so kind to you because I'm like. Oh they're going through a rough time and so I just that that's kind of how I I'm not. I hope that no one has ever sick people. You're working with like in my head. I'm just like this is the way that they are and I just have to accept them for it. After realized there's something on that chalkboard that I just can't see the bay area inside of them and realizing they're just people and there's no point me hurting them or acting in a certain way not having that patients isn't going to help me or them is just gonNa make things worse. I don't know if your question. I know. It's fantastic as PERF. Thank you thank you for that. That was awesome. So can you explain how you stayed so motivated through? Like real serious challenges. Because I know I've had some of those moments in my life and sometimes I think like okay. Nothing else matters like screw my job like I don't even want to think about my quota right now but how have you been able to just stay so focused through these? Like real tough challenges. I definitely would have to be like transparent and saying that it's not. You're not always motivated. There are times where like my father passed on a Thursday in February. I showed up on a Monday to work. I've just how you when my little. Hr Director Lady of all time should it comes up to me and she was like get outta office. Like what are you doing here like? I realized the company was my support system like those people were with me for years. Scott was with me for years during this time like those are the people that I built relationships with and it wasn't that I was motivated. I don't want to be there. I just want someone else to tell me like. Hey We noticed that you're N we know so you're not okay your back and honestly for me. It wasn't that I always like self motivated and Mike. Push myself through it. Definitely the people around me. My friends my family. My coworkers for those of those like who knew they were like a tremendous support system and my manager actually changed like my my manager of a couple years from my Zipper job was gone in February as well so when I came back I had a new manager and she was like go. Take time like go focus on you like I don't even know you and you didn't make any money but like just go like take that time that you need and that to me was very motivational. Because I wasn't working somewhere. That was just it. Didn't care about they care about their people and I think that's another thing like it's about the surrounding of the company that you're out as well. I know that not every job will provide you those opportunities to like worker. Motor to be out of the office trait unless you're performing. Maybe I don't know it just depends but I think it was definitely like my motivation was inspiring other people and being like yeah like hearing the example of your cat died really doesn't resonate with me but I'm GonNa take it in the interest understanding that people were trying to support and help me and tell me that you know you'll be okay and like we got the same way that you helped us so I would definitely say it was just. It wasn't always myself I'd definitely had my depths but it was more just like the people around you lifting you backup. Halo your phenomenal presenter. Say That thank you. You helped me personally. I hope everybody. How can you keep talk a little bit more about how you look at others because I feel like you have this mindset of? It's it's really not just about treating the people the way you would want them to treat you. It's like how you treat others how they would wanna be treated themselves. So can you talk about? My question is kind of looking sometimes with others. You don't WANNA ask personal questions. You don't really want to get to know people at that level. So how do you get to know people at this kind of level and really kind of understand them? The way you're I guess so. You know good at so actually do ask. People like personal questions That's just me like I like people stories. I like knowing what they're about I like what motivates them and what excites them. So I actually do end up asking a lot of questions I would say if I'm understanding the question. I would say that one of the things that I just use like. If you spread kindness and positively people just gravitate towards you and sometimes it's really annoying like when you're just trying to do your work and then you have like fifteen people come up to you. Can you not today like can I just focus on me but I think a lot of times when you do have like a good vibe about you? People will naturally come to you but also just talked like sometimes like rain. Alvis speaking but a lot of times. They're trying to sit there and I'm like what's that and then they'll rant like this is what happened on and this is what went down and then just like sharing that story like why does that frustrate you and then like when. I was a kid. My Dad's This to me once so when someone tells me this this happens and I'm like looking at the sky and I'm like dude. You have three kids like we've got to figure this out now like you know and so that's just one of the things that like you just sometimes have to be quiet and listen and just see like what is their problem. Is it really that they just got hung up on? Is it really that they lost deal or is there something else? That's bigger that's going on and sometimes when you're just quiet and you just take in that moment and just try to understand their feeling and it's really awkward by the way like. I'm a very awkward human being so like just sitting there being like you know makes you live in Warren comfortable but it was just one of the things that I did. Last year is and I've grown connections from people who have left and they're like where you're at me recommendation to people who are like new companies and they told me about their new opportunities. How it's going and we remain as friends more so than just people who work together at some point. Maybe we'll see each other again one day. Thank you so much. If you'd like to hear more from Leila she was the star of Episode Fifty. Here on this podcast. And if you'd like to see the video version of this presentation where you can see the pictures of Leila's everything else just joined the listener list at top one dot. Fm and asked for the video. 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