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Be proce upper slightly price higher but they have different products you will find a fixed the 247 not to be the cheapest but there uh they have great value in certain areas because of their dedication to service and great products now i'm not saying that they're expensive i wouldn't call them expensive but you have to understand something every situation is different and if it sounds like i'm tapdancing i'm not it's too difficult to address pricing alone it's it's just too difficult now i have had both companies to work for me both of them and i love them both there are times that you are going to want unlike night when you mentioned apple would i like those people but apple would are inexpensive company but so as brothers okay am i saying they're bad no they are absolutely honest one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed if you have any problems they can stand behind it will be here to do warranty work if anything gets damage it'll be fixed i mean then you have guys that don't have the substance okay let me let me give you another like a plumber that's a really great plumber how we met some i refer lewis um he he's been on their quality first he's been on there for years he has great value you have to shop around i don't put on my referral this membership the obligation of being the cheapest i don't put on there the obligation of being the most expensive either but at the to but all they have to be they must be honest and they must be forthright and they must honour warranties and do what they say and say what they do they have to inform you of everything so that's what i would tell you and and if you want to was suzanne what were you going to say um so god cases would quoted apple would quotas be about for new furnace uh hundred ptu about sixty six hundred bucks you know what that soprano months that surprising to me actually that's surprising to me that is not terrible okay and by the way when i say terrible i mean sixty way sixty six hundred dollars for a brand new furnace yes completely installed yeah editor the attic hurt.

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