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To save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squares race dot com offer code wtf john hammond i thought about this talk that i had with him a lot after i had it his father was john hammond jr who was a a a very famous uh a and our guy at columbia records i believe who signed billie holiday bob dylan he was involved all the way back seemingly to the beginning of music but he was the bruce springsteen he signed he was a sort of everpresent sort of mythic in our guy and john hammond the who i talk to you today is his son it was not a you know a close relationship i understand in i don't know that i really got to the to the core of a of john hammond here but but was what's that the chorus them real blues that's for sure and maybe some of that is is from the that father and son relationship i don't know maybe you can hear it underneath this conversation yeah i'm not one to psychoanalyze i don't wanna talk too much shit before interviews but i i found a resident with me thinking about that what that relationship must have been like but my experience with john hammon as a musician like i had this one record years ago in high school i don't even want nowhere i got it i probably got it from a box of records that they didn't want to play the record store next to worry made sandwiches at the posh bagel on central across from university new mexico next to budget records which i doubt most we are be sounds at the time that i got the records the owners were kinda arm be people ned this box of records if they work in a plane the story in that box of records it some of them changed my life certainly elvis costello's first record and the john hammond mileage album.

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