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So anyone who needs a bracelet can get one clunky pets cuta KNX ten seventy NewsRadio testing guidelines for cannabis will start in California in a week. Some people worry that it'll cause a shortage available pot due to a reason recall in November state and Specter's found that a laboratory had been faking test results for pesticides in pot it forced Twenty-nine cannabis distributors and retailers to return those kind of his products that were tested at the lab after June thirtieth state officials also closed the testing facility with a new guidelines kicking it on January first it could cause a massive backup at laboratories five. Former Inglewood police officers have filed a lawsuit claiming they were. Fired because they are white. The officers were placed on leave and subsequently fired after they shot and killed a man and a woman who were sitting in a park car. The incident sparked protests and calls for more transparency within the Inglewood police department. But according to the lawsuit the officers believe the shooting was justified and within policy they claimed the couple had a gun did not comply with their commands and ultimately reached for the weapon. So the officers opened fire. They're now suing the city claiming they were discriminated against because they are white and pointed Bank that to Latino command sergeants who were also on scene were not fired Cooper Rummell KNX, ten seventy radio eleven hundred next time to check your money. Here's Jessica summers who had a major impact in two thousand eighteen next door. CEO Sarah Frier is among the Bloomberg fifty fryer will run next door a social network for neighbors. But where she made her Mark was at square for six years fryer was the chief financial officer. But her role was much larger because square CEO, Jack. Dorsey had another job writing Twitter. Bloomberg technology reporter, Selena weighing. He's the CEO of two companies at the same time and Wall Street really felt more comfortable with that situation. Given that Sarah Frier is seen as such a strong manager at square during friars time apps square, the company has grown dramatically. It's transformed itself from this credit card reader for street sellers into a global payments business and software tool for retailers around the globe. And that's why next door CEO's thera friar is among the Bloomberg fifty from Bloomberg business. I'm Jessica summers for KNX ten seventy News Radio coming up in just a moment. It's been such a bad year for the people who endured the camp fire is in California here central northern California. We will talk about this in just a moment. Now, some people who had their homes destroyed, however are getting together they say, we're gonna toughest thing out. And they've done it in a pretty good way..

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