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Know. What I mean? Of course, he doesn't have to. I just want to eat the field. I mean, you just want to see on the field where to utilize, and you know, I went back and watch the you know, the the game verse scorer. And it was funny that the naturally huddle up with you know, with thirteen minutes to go by three still. I mean, you know, so it's a little bit of a mockery of you know, kind of how this offense is just how what's article? And you know, it just doesn't utilize the talent. And which is which is a darn shame. So you know, if they can utilize the talent they can start, you know, being progressive and who who really cares who's calling the shots. Utilize what they aren't out, you know, because these receivers I have to admit that probably a couple of over to go to the NFL after next year. Then you're going to have to keep bringing guys, you know, if you wanna keep in top level talent. Then you got to utilize the people that you have you know, so. I just I just hopefully, hopefully, they start, you know, bring it back to a more modern style of offense. No, I agree with you, Terry. When look we've said that their strength is that why receiving core and whoever whoever's pitching for these guys to catch that that's important, and we know shave shades coming back McCaffrey's getting healthy. You gotta young you got a young guy in Joe Milton. So I mean, whatever they decide from from that standpoint too. But that being said, look your strength is right there. Ed Warner set there where he is with the offense of line. I don't know what they're gonna do with tap. I mean, he could stay as the the the quarterback coach for I don't know. Well, if you need the hand moving this stuff, I'm I'll be available. Okay. All righty. Thanks for the phone, call, Jerry. Thanks a lot. Eight. Know why man collaborative it was a collaborative effort? So you should warn all everybody, you won't everybody on that bus, Jamie. Somebody's we need somebody's head. I did it people want blood. The offense wasn't good. We need excuse me. The offense wasn't good enough right to meet expectations of what we want. Or? Hey, what the best teams in the country are doing those two national championship team. I get what you're saying. And I hear you. But they did have a ten game winning streak with with two laws with three with two losses on the end cap. I get it, Jamie. How long have Michigan fan saying we want to see that old running old run game back Michigan run game Backley, and they get it back this year. And now got enough seven three four nine eight ten fifty. Yeah. 'cause it bring it makes Bronco in an era. Get mad at one another about offense. But we'll talk about that later seven three four hundred eight ten fifty. Let's go to Gabe in Columbus. What up gay? What is this? I'm good, sir. How are you? A little nine year old shows up, right? Warrior in Columbus, Ohio. Fortunately, we're big time. Michigan people we Burton's. That's lightning railing at the networks. Calling about issue basketball little bit. And I believe that. Awesome. Not awesome. We have a great team. Obviously. Jay livers is is the key to win the national championship this year because to the game. Bernie, Jim Bob castle, whatever. And he's the lunch. Phil guy. He's doing. Brings it he grinds, unfortunately as the backstop. Hopefully, you know. The way she did in that game. No, you're right. I mean, I look he's a multi position player. I mean, he can shoot the three Hagan drive to the whole. He can rebound. He like, you said he's that lunch pail guy, and he is a key to this to this team getting to the getting to the NCAA's and going deep into it. Chess game. A lot tougher in. He was last year. He's he's he's the physical. Did he did last year? Like, you got earlier with a big change the physicality, I believe that that last year helped him. So solid especially in that Purdue game victory and championship last year. I believe he he took a step forward in that game. Specifically, but this year, you can you can tell us a lot more physically that delivers back. He's initially puzzled as far as the national championship goes, we we got I got this through national for the big ten championship. And last year. He's like daddy. Okay. Well, hey, we way again. Number had already now already. He's talking. Well, hey, daddy. This year. This year. Daddy. Hatton James, I'd say, hey, let's get him another hat did. 'cause if it helps I wanna I wanna get him that hack. Thanks for the phone. Call game pre shaded what's going on. All right, man. I just love that. We're talking about basketball. Yeah. I told you we were gonna talk about basketball. But I'm sorry. I got a little break and more news right now. I mean Sam just tweeted. Sam you fingers thumbs just firing up just letting you know, and you know, I'm gonna I'm gonna read tweet it 'cause you know Sam tweeted about so this breaking news, you know, Michigan is now targeting not play another coach. They're looking at their targeting Boston colleges. Co DC Anthony Campanile for one of the vacant defensive spots. The defensive line or the linebacker. So just letting you know, let's stay up the day. Baby. Did he did he coach with Dan Brown has he been at BC high while I I I'm not sure of that? I haven't had a chance to read would say put out there. I'm just telling you, man. Wow. Kind of radio show you running around here. I I'm giving you live and in person stuff that I see to throw it out there. Okay. Don't get on me. You gotta know. Jay both. That's why we listened to you. Right. I knew this when I talked to Sam. At four thirty. But I didn't want to come in here. And just break it out. I'm gonna let Sam breaking our right? I'm letting things I'm having MS go down. He's going to do a little investigative reporting for us. He's gonna find out what the deal is from that guy that you love or there, Mr Sam Webb. I'm just saying that's my boy. He's he's seven years as a football coach four at Rutgers three at Boston College. He has coached tight ends wide receivers defensive backs at Michigan. He could wind up coaching safeties and Outside Linebackers vipers is versatility with the safeties. Chris partridges would make interchangeable. So I mean, there's a possibility. Yeah. I mean, he's got some he's got some. He's got he's got the ability to coach it up seven three four not at eighteen fifty. Early Eric how you doing arrogant, South Carolina. What are you doing man? Did you leave work early? No, man, I left. I just I you know, I like I like a man check out to sit back and listen. I hear you. You know, I I can't wait to hang out when block and half a spirit and talk football. Hopefully, we'll be celebrating together. Yeah. See you're cool by Matt hang out one man, we going to change the name to pokey for tonight. You like. I Vicky wants to go Ray. Reagan liked to be called Buki. I don't know. Maybe. Well, if Marquez Racal widow. Go ahead to be Mookie. Okay. I guess. Yeah. That works. I got a question for back. If I give you a Quebec, and I'd give you a charge to which one is the fast car. Okay. This is kind of a a thing that that what's call a game me. So does it have an engine in it? Oh, okay. All right. That was one of the fastest car. I'm taking the corvette. Okay. But if grandma drabbed the corvette. Julia drive the charge. What's going to be the fast car? That's that's Dale Earnhardt junior. Go because he knows how to drive. So Alabama got better, plastic Clemson, Clemson got better coaches matter of fact, Michigan got better player. Well, they got better coach they made their players. It's an NFL traffic. They went short that way. They made those guide to to bet a big that check in Alabama. Playing NFL. I watched that dog from get torched by South Carolina. They gave us six on the point. I mean, six hundred yards to South Carolina. They give up the points. But they gave up yours that quarter couldn't cover. So. Oh. The whole Clemson thing was dabble makes dabble does what he needs to do to get his get the job done. I wouldn't to say that he was. The next coming to bear Bryant, and nobody of there saying everytime stays adversity of a head coach. And he asked. Get it done. He bought somebody in there who get it done. Now. I'm a tip my hat to jump off. All okay. I will take the cap it. Typically. So. Higher. I take the fifth out the cap. He knew his job. And I'm glad.

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