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She's coached the Sooners for 25 seasons, and it's compiled a record of 513 wins 2 294 Losses. Coal is a member of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. She grew up in Hilton played it Oklahoma Christian University and coach it Norman High School before becoming the women's basketball coach at O U. Under her coaching. The Sooners reached three final fours and the 2002 NC double a championship game. She let Norman High School to two state championships. President Biden's coronavirus relief bill, apparently band states from cutting taxes. Beth Myers reports. State Attorney General Mike Hunter is asking US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to clarify a last minute provisioned to the coronavirus stimulus package The president signed last week. The provisions band States that received funding from the relief package from cutting taxes until the year 2024. The State House has already passed two bills that phase out the corporate income tax and cut personal income taxes. Hunter says It's the responsibility of state legislatures to set tax rates for their states, not the federal government. Using threats and decrees. Storms spawned a tornado that made a brief touched down near Hobart in southwest Oklahoma last night. It did not cause major damage. No injuries were reported. Ah windmill was damaged near Harmon. Tornado warnings were issued overnight for cattle Do we, Kiawah and Machida counties. Woman accused of setting her uncle on fire in Sky Ato could be facing a murder charge. Police arrested tame a young for arson and assault and battery. But 64 year old Urban Brown died Monday night so the charges could be upgraded. Young is in O Sage County Jail. Authorities say she poured gasoline on Brown and lit it. Young is due in court tomorrow afternoon. Margo Moreno. In other news, a neighborhood and Holden ville struck by a string of house fires and the people who live there, thinking arsonist is to blame. They say seven houses and a shed have burned in a five block radius. Authorities say they may have a suspect. Bill in the Legislature is calling for school district's to offer students a class on adult ng the story from Tanner Carlson. The measure calls for an adult ng one on one class to be offered as an elective for middle and high school students. Would teach life skills, including car maintenance, nutrition, financial skills and time management. The Oklahoma Senate Education Committee will review the proposal next week. Oklahoma U. S Senator James Lankford has traveled to the Arizona Mexico border to see for himself where construction of the border wall has been stopped by the Biden administration. He says there are giant gaps now on the fence where migrants can easily enter the United States, he says it makes no sense, he says a stopping construction weakens the effectiveness of the fencing structure and The technology. Margo Moreno, Hey, Doc Mahama City. Your ST Patty's Day will be windy and cold temperatures dropping to the low forties this afternoon with a driving northwesterly wind at 30 Gusting to 45 MPH, or under wind advisory until 10 p.m. isolated showers and some storms, especially late afternoon through this evening. Lows tonight in the mid thirties with cloudy skies, wind chills in the twenties tomorrow highs only in the low forties, mostly sunny skies and when staying strong out of the north and 25 MPH for the full one storm center and meteorologist Anally Sutton used radio 1000 Katie. Okay Studios, a service of trade and wealth. Your local trusted financial fiduciary traded wealth dot com..

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