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The items that are present. Also, we got the new hats that are coming out, click on them, push notify me and made available if you want those hats. We just restocked fathers matter and it's going hot like hot cakes, fake not very restocked and then my favorite. We just restocked the Don. So if you like the Don, this one is coming in later this week. Y'all go on and get the merch. The links are in the description section. Putting discount code united we stand, you'll get 20% off united we stand, you get 20% off. But y'all already know what to do. Let's get into this. Ladies and gentlemen, why did I show that clip or that partial clip at the beginning? Because I wanted to give you a segue into how disgusting these people can be when it comes to their liberal ideologies. I do not understand why we're even having a discussion about abortions at this point. Why are we having a discussion about this as if roe V wade is somehow the God of motherhood? I don't understand if roe V wade is overturned or deemed unconstitutional. Then the power of these decisions will be left to the states as they should be. You live in California. You live in many of these other places. You still have access. These places have not gone far enough in my opinion. They allow you to have plenty of time to figure out what you need to do before a child is of a certain age in the womb. They give you plenty of time. Why are you arguing about it? To me at this point is absolutely out of control. However, I want you to hear the entire 42 second piece and see what she said. She is a comedian, by the way. So I think they're trying to categorize categorize this as comedic relief. I don't believe so. These people are disgusting. Wrote a film. So, I mean, here's the thing, here's my feeling about the leaker. I would like to find out who the leaker is. So I could make sweet love to that person because that person is a hero to me. Okay? And if the leaker, a lot of people are saying it could be a conservative if the leaker is a Republican. And if I get pregnant during our love making, I will joyfully abort our fetus. And let them know. I don't know if that answered your question. I probably didn't. Seriously, you tell a bad joke and everybody on here don't want to, you know, they don't want to stand up for what they know is right and say, oh, that was a bad joke. That was a poor choice of words. Because, you know, an abortion is not anything to laugh at. I don't think it's anything to joke about. You essentially joking about murder. You're not joking about anything else. Like if you want to say you want to make sweet love to a person who probably should get arrested for terrorism, then that's fine. That could be a joke, okay? When you talk about taking a life of a child, I don't think it's funny. I personally don't think it's funny. And then you own a news and we supposed to take the new seriously and MSNBC got a woman out here talking like that. I just think that if it was a conservative and we were in a conservator came on and said the same thing, I don't know who would be McEnany or anyone of these people came on to say the same thing trying to be witty and funny. They would completely get canceled. They get banned from Twitter and all kinds of other stuff. So why is it okay that these people get on here and say this? And listen, one thing about comedy is that the reason why it's funny to a certain degree to people who think that the jokes are funny because they find that there's a level of truth in it. These people think that much less about their own purity, right? She could do nothing more but to sleep with another person and express her sexuality in all this sort of stuff. So there are purity is gone. That's why they think it's funny. And then they do not view the unborn as a living human being. Only when they want it, when they want it, when they get married and they look at the little tubing and say, it says, I'm pregnant. They want it then. They're happy about it then. It's a baby. They throw a baby shower and everything. But when they don't want it, because it's inconveniencing them in their lives because they want to be selfish. It's just a clump of sales. And they could joke about it and they think it's funny. These people think that that's funny. That's like if somebody got on here and joked about rape, I don't think that that would be funny. With it, which one, which one is worse? Rape is somebody a murdering somebody. I think they're both horrible. And people should not joke about that. On air, now understand you want to joke about it. It's a comedy show, but you're joking about it on air. That ain't cool. And I'm not saying you should counsel the person. I think that we should at least get an insight into how these people think. This is not a conspiracy theory from the right side of politics to say that these people are evil and disgusting and anti God and they have no moral standards. It's not just the right wing talking point. Look at what they joke about and look at what they find to be entertaining and funny. That's why you can't take these new stations seriously at all. It's not news. It's not comedy. These people are evil, in my opinion. Anyway, comment in the comment section, did you think that joke was okay? You think you think that it was okay to do that? Or do you think that she was uncalled for to joke about.

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