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Six three two eight. Three sixty wants sixty six six one six zero by the way. I want to say thanks to john. Role stead farmer garrett. They are silver amplifiers. Am stands for advertise market and promote you can go to amp dot freetalklive dot com unless you are gonna use pay pal. Unfortunately the credit card and debit card. It's not working right now and we're looking at other options for that at the moment has something to do with the fact that my bank account cut me off stupid doesn't help and we've been trying for months to rectify the situation and the banking system just is not easy to deal with. It's really not and that's why everyone needs to get on banked and get into crypto as much as possible. Yeah i can't say i disagree with you there. So yeah that's part of what we're talking about here is the alternatives to these centralized big tech platforms. Because ron paul just got one of his channels taken down. And according to the ron paul account on twitter not only did they terminate the ron paul institute account with no notice no warnings no strikes just boom gone. They left his other channel which is actually the more popular channel which is current. Show that he's doing every day. The ron paul liberty report. That's still online for now but as an updated post reveals from just four hours ago. The youtube channel are his youtube channel. That was still left online liberty report. They removed the episode with guest. Robert kennedy jr. one of their most popular episodes. Now they're saying this robert kennedy guy gets he's anti vaccine yes And so because that guy was interviewed by ron paul. They pulled that video down. From ron paul's channel and this might have been video from years ago because he's been speaking out about vaccines for a long time. While youtube went in and pulled one of our videos down earlier this year. That was ten years old. Wow it was the thirty second promo. Oh my goodness that's like raise. There's virtually no content thirty-second promo. They just pull things down like it's no big deal. Yeah i mean it's just. It was literally like clip clip clip. Some guy getting arrested A quick scan of a a website like there's virtually nothing in there as far as content was concerned but somebody said it violated their policies and boom. It's gone the muscle turn on some algorithm. Just hit all these guys videos and maybe So you can. Of course still see that video on odyssey and in fact ron paul points out that his video is also available on odyssey. So if you want to check out the robert. Kennedy jr. episode of ron paul. You can go to the ron paul channel. It's apparently at ron paul on odyssey. Y- just actually looked it up to see if it was still going. He's doing pretty well. What his His channel is at zero uploads on that one. Oh well i can but he has two thousand twenty thousand followers. So that's good that's amazing. I think we're up to like. Oh you're the videos thousand or something like that barely not even not even a thousand. So good for. Ron paul and i have to hit the subscribe button The follow button on that. One gotta gotta love ron paul. All right let's go to your phone calls here. We got bad slave on the line. And he's calling from new hampshire. Go ahead bad slave. Well i yeah you know getting back to the Virus thing i It occurs to me that that there that the powers-that-be and the media and you know even hollywood and You know definitely governmental stuff. I think that the republicans are slightly less Vehement about this stuff than than the democrat. That's only because they're not in power. Yeah for sure Well you know. I felt that way before when they were in power about federally because federally the republicans dramatically increase the size of government whenever there empower. Oh like every other every every Every administration does that Anyway but but still what. What's going on is there is a complete suppression of all of these. What appear to be very effective therapies that that don't involve Vaccinations and I it's like why why. Why are we suppressing. The use of of of some of these were been around forever. It seems pretty obvious to me. I mean they're. They're suppressing because they want to funnel more money into these pharmaceutical companies pockets. So the thing to remember is that visor. that's up something simple and pfizer. A modern are getting rich off this pandemic. they're getting rich off the fear and people on the left who say oh. We gotta eat the rich. Well what about visor moderna. They are getting absolutely wealthy off the pandemic which is really sad. Thank you bad slave for the call tonight. Appreciated the number six. Oh three to eight. Three sixty one sixty. I was Informed by high impact flicks This guy That does videos on youtube. And he on odyssey He's been promoting a lot. So i'd wanna show shot him but he just released video About the veritas Investigation yeah we've been talking about those on the air and i guess we have We have a whistle blower a nurse that was with the veritas and Exposed how what the procedures are if they think they have coveted and they basically put him on ventilator in kill him mental later the deliver. Well maybe for some cases that might be helpful but not in all cases. And i think people need to look at this idea. Well we don't need a one size fits all protocol for a virus. No and you shouldn't because you touched on this earlier tonight. Riley people are different. Oh absolutely different diets ian. Yeah i mean we all are people and fundamentally where the same but you know at a lower level. There's some serious differences between people look at how some diets work for some people and they don't work for other people right so obviously one size does not fit all when it comes to your health. It shouldn't either just on the fact that you make your own personal choices about your body and that no one has the right to force anything into you. Were speaking of people at one force things into you Fao cheesy according to the post millennial dot com and i guess they are citing exclusive interview with the atlantic. Dr anthony fouled. She is now saying that you will not be fully dosed person unless you get a booster shots. According to the interview he says quote. It's likely for a real complete regimen. You'll need at least a third dosed dose. He said further later quote. I think we should be preventing people from getting sick from cova. Even if they don't wind up in the hospital he says he rejects skeptics notions. And insisted it's beneficial to have temporary protection than no protection. Despite the fact the m. r. a. cova vaccine was allegedly designed to prevent the virus. Even though it certainly hasn't done offense getting getting sick from code and you're gonna get sick from cova and spreads everyone else and there was another one here said it's highly likely individuals won't be considered fully vaccinated and this isn't a quote. This is just a summary. Apparently of what he said that it's highly likely individuals won't be considered fully vaccinated unless they get booster shots and that's plural so 'cause if.

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