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Far is burning uphill towards giant forest, which is home to more than 2000 giant sequoias. Nicholas has weakened into a tropical depression as it crawls across southern Louisiana, unleashing heavy rain across the coast of Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. The storms, top winds dropped quickly since it hit Texas is a hurricane, but It's turning into a sprawling mess, with lots of water still to come. Meanwhile, energy companies in Louisiana continued to work to restore power two weeks after Hurricane Ida Also a town hall dot com. California Governor Gavin Newsom has turned back to recall attempt, California voters on Tuesday voted to keep the verse first term Democrat in office. Hurricane IDA took a toll on U. S manufacturing. Last month. Industrial production slowed to again of 4/10 of a percent, with refineries and petrochemical plants along the Gulf Coast shut down by the storm. The slight rise and industrial output in August followed a revised increase of 8/10 of a percent in July, according to the Federal Reserve. Industrial production covers manufacturing utilities. And mining correspondent Rich Thomason. Stocks are hired out the Dow up 204 points and The NASDAQ 63 points higher more at town hall dot com. Philadelphia's AM 9 90 The answer. Partly sunny, hot and humid of breezy for the afternoon high Today 90 clouds warm and humid thunderstorm tonight Well, 70 cloudy, inhuman tomorrow a couple thunderstorms for the afternoon high 80 and then partly sunny passing shower on Friday, the high at 79. Playing with confidence. Download the AccuWeather app Today I'm Steve Williams for Philadelphia's Am 9 90. The answer and 9 90 the answer dot com Hi. I'm Julie Whitman Klein, president and CEO of Trinity School of Natural Health and the producer of the Trinity Health Freedom Expo. As a mother of three. I understand the obstacles we faced to.

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