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Hello and welcome to useful idiots. I'm Katie Helper. I'm excited I guess to be reconnecting with a little bit. Are you getting used to being in quarantine started to hit now? How weird it is and I kind of feel like. It's strange that more people aren't freaking out because it feels like that movie the purge a little bit one of them. I'm not sure which ones or which one. But yeah it's weird and it feels much more dystopia than anything else I've ever experienced does have a dystopia feel. I do think there's going to be a lot. Lots of folks who are inching closer to that tristate killing spree. That's in all of us. Yeah or most of us. Yeah Mine's actually Quadra State quattro state. Yeah I'm a bit more of a kind of a high achiever in a larger sense. Look you know. I'm settling into the routine of You know locking myself in house in just single-mindedly thinking about the the biggest news story in the world which is the felt trapped obviously coming next week. Yes income having Process that so I'm not going to quiz. You drafted this week. Because next week is the big ones so A lot of stuff going on with the CRONULLA areas with politics in we got a really interesting gets an old friend of mine who's Comedian cartoonist depan castor. A Pencil sharpener. Yes and you might notice. I actually have a pencil David Rees Pencil on my wall here loud a certificate of sharpening. Wow that's really cool. Yeah so David Reese is one of the few people. He is one of the most talented people I know. Very Funny Guy in a Lotta realms and he's got a podcast. It's very apropos to what we talk about in the show. It's a it's an election gambling site Collection profit makers. We're going to talk to him about the raise in his thoughts on that and he has an interesting. Take that I actually share that. We're we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA get into so but let's start with the news for food. Groups Republicans Suck Democrat. Doug is not weird. Isn't that horrible for main categories of news and we're starting Democrats suck which is me this week. That is correct. Lot of a lot of stuff always with Democrats suck. But I'M GONNA I'M GONNA pick one a little close to home and I'm going to start with a little a little shot at at our own a rolling stone for its Andrew. Cuomo cover Dan. Do we have that graphic an Italian minstrel on like seriously. We really have to do this rolling stone. I mean what's next? You know Lloyd blankfein doing God's work our that. Look what would that look like it would be? I think he'd have Lloyd Lloyd. Little backlit looking down at the world or something exactly or or or or what the Atlas Alley. Ira Lloyd as Atlas would be gone. I mean come on. Andrew Cuomo is just one of the biggest Douche wads and politics a complete jackass and we got to put him on the cover. I'm sorry could vary. Dramatically quit no. I don't think it's necessary but can you get him to come on the show. Now can you be like hi. Just doing the follow up to that photo. Shoot we did with you. I'd be afraid to ask that fucking crazy family and in fact this is a good segue into the next part of my Democrats suck portion. I mean who knows what you might ask politely. Would you like to come on the PODCASTS and You know end up being choked to death or something like that As we now know because Chris Cuomo got in yet another incident the other brother who faded out yet who raided out and I think we can we can inject here post factum the Freida video just a piece of People don't remember what happened there but Chris Cuomo the lesser brother the bag who's on CNN. He got an another incident where a sixty five year old a longtime resident of Southampton was riding by the property. Where Chris Cuomo apparently lives any saw cuomo congregating with his wife and three children or three people. I mean he wasn't exactly sure who it was and the guy asked you know. Cuomo what he was doing since he's supposed to be quarantining. Khurana positive corona positive and the quote from the story in The New York Post. According to this fellow calls himself David he said who the hell are you? I can do what I want. In the in the quote was he ranted screaming. I'll find out who you are and the guy said. Your brother is the corona virus czar. You're not even following his his rules and he just began to boil. Maury said this is not the end of this. You'll deal with this later. we will meet again if that's not a threat. I don't know what it is. That's the that's the report in The New York Post and I wouldn't necessarily give credence to the story except Cuomo Kinda Kinda sort confirmed it in an interview. That he gave about were among other things he he sort of complained about about the difficulties of the life. You leads in the spiritual emptiness of it and he spoke about this incident. Dan pitcher that audio. Want some Jack Ass loser. Fat.

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