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Plus the first fight of the night on the main card is Lavinia Sousa versus Sarah Frota Safran does making her debut. She was on the contender series. And she won by first round knockout back in August. So mysterious in that pitch undefeated. She's like she's talking about an FBI tape. I know formed what is Susan record? She is twelve one. And she has one fight. I'm going to confirm that let me say she. Yes, she has a guillotine choke win over Alex chambers and hurt you have see debut, which is also fun Invicta fugitives. And Sarah's record is what she is nine nine. Oh, yeah. Twelve one nine. Oh, yes. Where did she fight for this nine? Oh, I'm gonna look I think she was in. Well, she was like I said she was on the contender series. And then she was into a bunch of what she looks like there's no pitch that mysterious joke before because it's a picture of a of a shadowy figure just a show with a hair show might not even be your hair. We don't know that could be just that's who the hell that. That's her will that. Now that definitely wasn't the right pitcher because well, look let me see the shift face. She does. Okay. So that's definitely gonna pay her outgoing with Sarah. All right because. Kind of you know, listen, you got certain choices in life. And when you get tattoos on your face. It makes the choices a lot less as far as a occupation. Right. Sure. Accountant is probably how to be a president, heart specialists or something. No, I don't, you know, you're not going to go to work on your your sick child. And will you have a tattoos on your face? I don't judge that. But I think she's suited for a cage of the fight. Mckay. Ch- Jimmy's you taking I'm taking Sarah. Bye. Second round stoppage. Punches. What is during the last fight? She has a it was a submission win over Alex chambers. I'm giving her a second round submission. I think that twelve and one even though is very good nine. And I don't think she's fought the level of competition. Maybe Sousa has fought. Maybe you don't know who she fought Jimmy, you're right. All right. I just like the little combative spices things up comet Chris. Yeah. I'm also going to take a Lavinia Sousa by second round submission. I think you're right keeps copying daddy. Yeah. Let's go to eager to do knows best. I'm just going to call. Guys, while one more fight. What is it expert to show? It's Johnnie Walker who really like against Justin la- debt is put them down a little bit. So we just think about some other fights sure would they do in LS fights before you call Johnny walkers cats. I don't wanna leave her on now. Johnnie walker. I know is coming off a win. I'm gonna pull his his record. He knocked out. Right. He's big IRA's real tall. Yeah. He's a big, dude. He's he's an interesting prospect. I think at light heavyweight the websites being really slow just is coming off of a decision loss to outlander. Iraqi each in his last fight and Johnny Walker knocked out Khalil Roundtree. First round knock it. That's right. Yeah. He's ferocious Walker. He defeated. His he he is fourteen three. He's one is only UFC fight and he has a win on the contender series. Okay. Yeah. Patient of phony doing Lolly the fuck. guest lake. Turn up the lights in here. Baby. Jimmy buddy, turn the lights hooping sing like an angel chief so more. Jimmy, what do you want the this after or you want me to tell you know?.

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