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They can gauge wetter focus. The resources eat improving leaper off his calc interesting. I wonder if they're going to get any feedback that helps push things forward because my limited perception of things. I'm my wife in a former life was an accountant and my wife is a spreadsheet goddess. She can do all manner of things in spreadsheets. i simply don't comprehend nor understand. And i looked at with gazes of disdain sympathy every time i tried to do something in a spreadsheet so if i was to ons base i would be approaching this from a very of level one perspective in terms of why need a spreadsheet to do and how well it does how. Well it does that for me. Which in the case of lebron office eight thousand. Everything i need. I wonder if they're gonna hit like a in quotes power uses who really so of stretch the legs of what a spreadsheet system can do. They do ask some of the questions. I've had look through the questions that they ask in the survey and they do ask if you use other tools and some of those tools are what you would consider power math tools. And they ask you you. I think the very last question asks you about how much you agree or disagree sentenced statements. About how complex. The program is and whether it's cumbersome to use and so. I think that that filtering early on to determine what your level is and what you're familiar with and then asking you questions at the end which are how do you feel. And so they can then use that data to decide whether experts say it's too good or too bad you know novus users find it too complex or whatever so yeah. It seems like they're gathering the right kind of data and it's a very short survey. I'd strongly recommend if you use lebron office to have a fitting in because it is five minutes excellent What have linked to the show notes to that survey and even if you don't use liborio fister may a fill in any way you know. Follow it follow the path and do that thing and last in this round up. I see the zazi standard compression for deb's in twenty one. Ten may become a thing. Yes so this is That stein as a compression algorithm for basically doing a decent level of compression but very quickly and there was some groundwork put heathen to up two eighty four to allow it to be used for deb..

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