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Do eli fallen this odd. Even number i kind of get. I have that not to the extent. It's not ocd. Because i could not do it and be fine. But i have that a little bit but you count the total of sips throughout the meal. No no no like at the end. And i'm done with my meal. I like to do two sets of two sips and then get out of there but then last night i was. I got into this whole thing was like well. That's only one set of two sets of two. Oh and i did it again. And i was like what's do two sets with two sets of two and a couple of this two sets of that. I thought no. That's only wants and i was off to. The races was literally. Like i was like i was like it was quite a scene doing that. All out loud and there's a table next to the guy came over for like fifteen minutes. Because like i paid the check. He's like do you want any else. I was like no. I'm good just three. No four more waters. Can you ask me that again. So you asked me that twice but then it's only once. Yes so boston magazine. Who wrote this disguised. Tom stack poll. Who's asshole wrote this absolute hit t summit Three years ago. Now i get a lot of my time. One thing i've always said about this guy is Is tom stack book. Is we met for sandwiches at What the hell's stockyard. No no no. No this is a firehouse subs. And he ate deepali it meatball sandwich and he would hit the sauce in his fingers. He would put his mouth in the entire finger and lick sauce off. I do remember that entire finger in the mouth human. yes yes so I did like general. Was a little bit while i was there in like i go on with her. She's always been really nice to meet. You went to want him. I think my mom's wake my. She's not with her. I know plenty of people at the with her online. But we'll go through. It weren't see out the. I have never read in my life. A piece this ass kissy about anybody ever like. I was like this is a this is a planted missing something here and there. It was pretty cool. I think people on twitter to tell you to fuck off should have exposes about. It's just weird. It was very odd and the longer it would have been funny. Conan was fucking with me to tell him to read it because it was tedious. Like trying to get through. It's it's it's it's a it's like a fucking novel ever wrote it. It's maybe he's she our friends with her bogle because like it really has nothing to do with the but when you do get the shit on roy like us like you know. The guy wrote the story about her. I'm sure she's like you know. Thanks i guess the weird thing to do. It's like a restaurant like you could do that with any city. Justin could have that written about him and it would be just yeah. It's just i don't get it. It's it's i. I i read it and i was like i was like. This is the biggest at literally the biggest asking piece i've ever seen in my life in any format ever and i don't really know why it was written at all. It's it's what four thousand words maybe long. The the interesting thing about her is that she's a lunatic like she's like she kinda on yelp. Somebody will leave a review cubic. Fuck you your wine. That's what's interesting about her. I mean they they got into that. The turtle boy right. Yeah so we'll do it. We'll get to if i'm baggage. Cdl monday but because it's fucking wild. I don't even i don't. I was baffled by twice. Because like i missed something do something. I missed like in like life. I don't know it seems like you've got thoughts on the bike. You're trying to highway. Mix them oh no. I'm not trying to hide. I don't want to comment on too much if we're going to do it. Yeah that good. Good good you're not going to be in studio monday. You just tease said this. Eighty four percent chance. I will be okay. Oh i didn't hear eighty four percents all right. Well there you go he collects. What'd you did. You make anything of the dion sanders coach incident. I sent you audio of him. Kind of play. I listened to this. Sanders is a fucking asshole. I don't you know i understand. I understand fooled. Erica dave dan and the rest of the people. Casey smith you could just tell the guy's a fucking prick in the key holds this reporter a racist essentially in this. Let's play this out. So who is he on with with dave. Who's the other player charles. Haley who butch ruin the interview. Yeah haley all horrific record with women wanna look up drives thought so that sounds familiar. Like i'm saying like maybe i'm wrong but we looked up like i mean this guy is all type. Rick cited for slapping a woman on the buttocks Buttocks it's italian should baby. I thought something else to i. Apologize overstated that. But i mean he seems like fucking tricky league just like there's nothing i hate more than athletes. Who have fucking nothing to say. Just said there giggle like bully people like us pricks bucking pricks. I enjoyed davis questions to them. Other day was fine. It was just. It was where he goes. You see my tweet defending six times one second charleston. During an appearance on the dan lebatardshow on espn former cowboys quarterback troy aikman revealed that haley a feature feared pass rusher who was inducted into the hall of fame. Last once. Put his penis on matt melons shoulder when millen was playing cards. So jesus okay. Maybe some goodwill fish funds where i call it accused of sexual assault for the for the slapping woman that buckeye charles. Hey we have a giant penis and he wants to watch you want you to watch him masturbate to it. I'm like guy more and more we talk about was l. from jeff promise book.

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