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Kind of think I wantto odium on all this stuff. I'm giving him I would speak here, but I'm going to send you something, but I would speak to your vet is well, I'm gonna send you some hemp seed oil specifically made for allergies. How's that? That sounds wonderful, and it's made by a company. Listen, I've been working, not working with this company. I know the company is called Nature event. They're based in Temecula, California, which is kind of I believe Eden Lord San Diego County. Whatever county it's in the owner of the company is a guy by the name of Scott Gorman. I have known Scott for over 25 years and when it comes to supplemental Nutrition for pets He is my go to guy when he was the 1st 1 to come out with his hemp seed oil. I knew right off the bat that when it was going when we're going to talk about him seed oil, it was his hand seed oil that I was going to use and recommend. So I am going to send you some of the hemp seed oil specifically for allergies made made by nature. That's so how's that sound? Well, that can't wonderful now, you know, it may not make a difference, but we do have that trachea problem using a harness when you walk them, or you don't walk them anymore. You know what you harness on the other two. This one can go anywhere. I just want to pee. So I had a friend like that actually carrying out a friend right about growing up and he walked. He didn't walk out off the way it is. You know, he's just seen this is what I tell people. You give my heart. Give me kiss every day and just thank every minute that you have him. That's what you got a deal and you give all three of those pugs and pugs and not really thugs and how they act like them. Sometimes I love bugs. They looked like they chase Park cars with those pushed in faces. I am going to send you some hemp seed oil specifically realities. Thank you for that call, And next time I'm up in Prescott. I'm going to say hello to all my Prescott. Listeners appreciate the phone call 877 7258255877725 80 to 55 That is the phone number. Let me go to. I guess it is. It's got up next year. I believe it was Scott. Let's go to Scott in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hey, Scott, welcome. Hey,.

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