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Times The New York Times the gray lady the paper of record rise of the caller all the news that's fit to print I'm reading the headline of this service op ed today this opinion piece in your times then I'll tell you who wrote it and why they're justified in writing okay Robert Muller we need to hear more you said your investigations work speaks for itself it doesn't written by Robert deniro you'll let that sink in for a moment and this is the justification Robert deniro and actor producer and director plays the role of Robert mall Saturday Night Live I am about this is not the onion I'm not making this up rich see only any time we deem morning from five thirty to nine talk radio twelve ten Josh crow band Josh Groban was more in January of nineteen eighty one in LA originally you want to be an actor focused on singing is as the story goes he got his start as a rehearsal singer at some high profile events including one for Shelley to sing a duet with Celine Dion his performance was such that the shows us Rosie o'donnell invited into her show which from did an appearance on alley McBeal which effectively get his career start Sean Hannity conservatism warps some of you doubt it the trouble do all of these things trade deals getting NATO to pay their fair share of Parada Mexico it's amazing and I've known him for so many years which is why I confidently could tell you he would keep his promises and govern as a conservative which is done I've been proven right and he's not given up at all six talk radio twelve PH T. only then I'd like to shave my legs if you could report I'll get it on video that I do a binder Greg's head before the show Donna if you notice.

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