Julie, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama discussed on The Mark Levin Show


The comes to five dollars and fifty three cents a month you can't get a big mac for that anymore and be big mac combo how do i know i'm not an i'll have to say my julie might be listening now i don't go there anymore shh all right let's take some calls we have some really good ones daryl lancaster kentucky they great w v l k go thanks for taking my call i just it's an honor of sarah appreciate it i always listen to the show on my way home every night and as i was waiting for it to come on the little news snippets at the top and bottom of every hour wrap for your show was of course laura bush's tweet of course i had to read every word of it but at the end they added some additional info that michelle obama had had just forward did the tweet on of course i had heard through two cents and my first thought was your husband's the last sixteen years to do something about this and they didn't do a damn thing so you're always take is mute at this point so shut up and that is a great point that isn't the first year i say it was about bush i thought well calling just give them give them how i felt about this darrelle got a great governor to matt bevin really do tony al paso texas xm satellite go mark levin it's honor to speak with you i'm a i'm a contractor and i've been working along the sport or for a while and i've seen firsthand that way you know they've been handling the kids separate him by gender or by age and separating them from the adults that come with them the adults are processes way it's been done three years i don't know why they're making such a big deal about it now because they think they have an issue the media tell me you've been working that border you save for several years and so forth have you ever seen any of the reporters who were in the white house press room today down on the border walking the border no not for yeah i wouldn't think so i wouldn't think so but cnn is busy that's so much covering the border but there's a remarkable story that i found i think it was in an israeli paper.

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