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All across America. Eight six six ninety redeye he is Eric Harley and I'm Gary McNamara. Thanks for being here. This morning. Thanks a lot. In the mid west hanging. We're thinking. Yeah. Where we at right now, twelve below in Chicago. Yeah. I haven't I haven't checked in a while the last I think I had was last ahead was Fargo minus twenty nine degrees now in Fargo. Expect it to be. It's supposed to get to minus thirty two. Oh, look at that. Wow. Even more. Bye, bye, six AM and Fargo minus thirty five degrees below zero. Seven mile an hour wind. That will still make it go. I'm looking at now. Wow. Unbelievable. You know, what the high supposed to be in? The high is supposed to be in Fargo today. And this is three o'clock this afternoon, right? The high in Fargo minus twenty. And Chicago the high is going to be minus twelve. I got a ton of friends in Rockford and in Chicago. Hang in there. Everybody. Cold group hug..

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