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Memorial service for the former Senate majority leader in Las Vegas Saturday Biden said Harry was like the guys he grew up with and Scranton the president added he would always have your back and if he gave you his word he kept it Biden served more than two decades in the Senate with the Nevada Democrat Reed passed away December 28th after a long battle with cancer and former president Obama delivered the eulogy during Saturday's private service and praised Reed's pragmatic approach to politics and dry sense of humor Harry was not a schmoozer or a back slapper Gail you with long drawn out stories and he did not appreciate long drawn out stories Obama also noted the former Senate majority leaders early encouragement for him to run for president Flight delays and cancellations are continuing to play travelers over a week into 2022 total cancellations top 3000 Saturday with 1100 within into or out of the U.S. Airports along the east coast are bearing the brunt of the problems as heavy snowfall moved through the area Chicago's O'Hare airport also saw an uptick in delays and cancellations ahead of a winter weather advisory set to begin early in the afternoon The three men who fatally shot him out Arbery more than two years ago will likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars yesterday a judge sentenced Travis mcmichael and son Greg mcmichael to life in prison without the possibility of parole William roddy Bryan reportedly must serve at least 30 years before he can apply for parole Last year all three were found guilty of murder and other crimes in the February 23rd 2020 killing of Arbery Flowers and other memorials are being placed upon Sidney Porter's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the performer who made history for becoming the first black man to win a best actor Oscar died Thursday at the age of 94 the cause of death was not disclosed 48 earned the Academy Award for his performance as Homer Smith in the 1963 film lilies of the field his other movies included the defiant ones blackboard jungle a raisin in the sun guess who's coming to dinner to sir with love and in the heat of the night I'm Chris courage yo A swimsuit model possibly being stalked by someone using an Apple AirTag is increasing concerns about the device Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooks Nader says one of the tiny gadgets was slipped into her coat pocket by a stranger who then tracked her for 5 hours $30 accessories come under scrutiny as reports say it's been used by stalkers and thieves to track people without their knowledge Apple contends the air tag can actually prevent stalking a person is alerted if an iPhone detects an AirTag that is not registered to them The 17 year old son of Irish singer Sinéad O'Connor is dead of an apparent suicide O'Connor broke the news on Twitter Friday and it was later confirmed by her management company Shane O'Connor was reportedly on suicide watch at the time he went missing from a Dublin hospital prior to the discovery of his body O'Connor shared messages on Twitter where she pleaded with her son not to harm himself The singer blame the hospital for letting Shane out of their grasp A Texas mom is in trouble for quarantining her son in the trunk of her car Scott Carr has that Prosecutors and Harris county Texas say the 41 year old high school teacher locked her 13 year old son in the trunk of her car on the way to a Houston testing center after he tested positive for COVID A worker at the testing site told police Sarah beam unlatched the trunk and the boy was lying down inside without any safety restraints And that she was told no testing would be done until the child moved into the back seat of the vehicle Court documents say bean was trying to avoid catching the virus herself and that she faces a charge now of felony endangerment of a child Deputies attempted to arrest me at her home Friday night now there's a warrant out for her arrest I'm Scott Carr Scotland is considering a formal pardon for nearly 4000 accused witches executed from the 16th to the 18th century The leader of the Scottish national parties among those supporting a petition calling on the government to pardon and memorialize the women put to death for witchcraft centuries ago The 2021 petition has gathered more than 3400 signatures I'm Chris.

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