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Much keeping this stuff. They let it live is beyond me. But we've suddenly look that is wearing a buck you before. Just fantastic. It's awesome baby with a capital and remember if you go to my struck through here anyway, Bottom line is I predicted today might be the next 34 27 Listen to it. Well, the six cameras well, so bet against this guy. Don't bet against this guy. Greatest of all time, but thank you, Thomas. Don't bet against this stuff to bet against, He said. He said, you know, he said it. Yeah. Don't bet against him. How many more times you need to see it? Murder? Any ties? You know fun. Two weeks. Meanwhile, Matt LeFlore the latest roadkill for Tom Brady in the Tampa Bay Bucks, and he, you know, he made a decision that is going to be forever. Considered one of the worst decisions and our buddy Stephen A. Smith made sure to check in How Do you not go for it on fourth and goal with Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback, Huh? Huh? Do you not do that? Matter flew off. Doesn't let Emma Rodgers go for the fourth to go listening to no damn analytic papal be analytic the analytic numbers and tell you the story. He's Aaron freak it Rogers. Give me the damn boy and let him decide the fuck the cracking voice of Stephen eight. I was great. Give him the damn ball. I've seen that a couple times. Just get just get damn. Thank you come back. Tremendous passion of Stephen and him his voice breaks on the him, doesn't it? That video. You listen to that all day. He's a gifted entertainer, Stephen A. That is really sure, man. I loved. This one comes played this in the leadoff spot. Um Frank Clark, who? By the way, don't forget. Frank Clark was a problem last year in the Super Bowl. It was a problem. He played really well, And maybe he's gonna be the guy that gets to Brady somehow, some way. He's of course, the Chiefs defensive end and he showed up in a fur coat. Polly shut out fur coats after the game, and somebody tried to bait him into some Tom Brady steps. Remember, Chase Young From Washington said Give me Tom Brady. Give me Tom Brady, right? Yeah, so they asked Frank Larkin in the fur coat. Would he say the same for a few weeks back Chase? Young say that he wants Tom Brady. He wants Tom, You have a message for the go ahead of them the Super Bowl. Um No, no, I got nothing to say to our mouse is on Sunday and so, but that's the smart man right there. See, that's a smart man. Now I got you got blank to say that is that is a great sound by well because every time you say something like that, did you just simply throwing gasoline on the Brady fire? He does add just a little, a slight, slight hint there. Of you know, I'll see you there. Hmm. No, no, I'm gonna say it's all mousey is on Sunday and said, Bob, Beautiful, Beautiful. That's great. Cut right there. Not ain't got blank to say. Keep that one around for the next two weeks cope. That's pretty darn good. Hey, And don't forget where you have to swear you have C crowd out there And that includes Waterboy and copes and our buddy Nick to tour. Oh, yeah. So close. You may need to help him now that the paper if you wasn't working, So what happened? Is they run all these things now through ESPN? Plus right, eh? So you can purchase the fight ESPN. Plus, I could have watched. You know you still have to purchase the fight must be in place. There. Are there some fights that are just put on ESPN plus on Lee, but they now use ESPN. Plus as like a paper. If you provide her almost you can order a three year I do it like through my PlayStation, Roku or whatever service you're using. Well, they turned 70 bucks for it. And basically as soon as the undercard ended, and they went to the main card, nobody could access the fight. Like the fight was not like basically the apples down. I tried to streaming from the Web site. The website was down, and it was sort of sort of funky about it was the day before the fight. Dana White had been called, and I think we have the audio was calling out illegal screamers because a lot of people scream the fight illegally. So won the fight wasn't working. That was Marcus and I started texting each other. That was the first thing I did was Went to an illegal stream of Dane is going to charge me and then not make it accessible. I'm gonna go find the fight somewhere else. Was it on an illegal street? Yeah. Still want an illegal screen, So I found it. I had to watch the stream for I'd say. Nearly and maybe almost two hours. I think I saw the final three fights or two fights of the main card on the back. You know, you're not just watching McGregor. You're watching the undercard. You know, I watch. Basically, I played golf on Saturday. When I got home. I basically watched Almost all of the under card because that's his watch in. How's that play with Sasha watching this watching these guys out here? Probably to these do I have in my living room and 17 we go three. Desperate, like every week. I don't miss any of it because I could watch on my computer and on the TV while sashes watching her. She's in the middle of some weird HBO. Big love Shit. I don't know somewhere it zah polygamy show. I don't know being right. But anyway no, I'm watching the undercurrent much also shut out to cope for being on a first name basis with Dana. You're like, Listen, if Jane is gonna charge me, I'm just saying, all right? Yeah, Jack is here s Nikki T speaking for all of America..

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