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Mid weight. 71 in Chicago's lakefront governor Pritzker's announced a new Illinois Department of Public Health emergency rule allowing law enforcement to step in if they notice the business is not complying with the statewide mask mandate. They'll give local authorities a step by step guide on how to enforce masks and distancing and an opportunity. To help businesses Act in good faith. If they're found to be in violation, they'll be warned ordered to make patrons leave and could be fined up to $2500. The rule does not apply to individuals. New York's governor says he would allow Children statewide to return to classrooms for the start of the school year, citing the state's success in battling the Corona virus pandemic, he says, if there's a spike in an affection rate, the issue could be revisited more jobs in July, but not as many as were added in May or June. The latest Labor Department jobs report showing the US added 1.8 million jobs. Assigned. The pandemic is weakening, hiring an existing economic it rebounds. Many states have rolled back. They're reopening plans. Here's TV Ameritrade, senior market strategist Sean Crews in the a decent amount of volatility in the reach the common and that old I think escalate As we start getting closer to the election, the unemployment rate dropped from 11.1% to 10.2%. Cook County Jail's once again sending detainees convicted of crimes to state prisons governor Brisker stopped the transfer's back in March to help stop the spread of the Corona virus. But this week, a judge down state ruled that Prisco does not have the authority to take such action. 70 detainees were transferred this week and the Sheriff's office is planning to transfer nearly 500 others. Sam Jones. W G in New Chicago Tribune could be on the move again after leaving its longtime home in Tribune Tower for Prudential Plaza. There's where Tribune Publishing is in talks with Sterling Bay for a buyout of its lease. And the Census Bureau says it will comply with the president's order to exclude undocumented migrants from the 2020 census count as it pertains to seats in Congress. Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas, a Democrat. Says that's unconstitutional that constitutions very clear. It just says any persons they don't say U. S citizens or somebody owns property are somebody. That's why an undercount of migrants would hurt border states, which have higher populations. Texas is set to gain three states and the car seats in the congress. But experts aren't sure if that will happen now. Under the new rule, WG and Sports Blackhawks in Edmonton tonight the Hawks could end it for Edmonton Game four of their Stanley Cup qualifier. The pregame at 5 15 face off at 5 45 Here on 7 20 w g, N and W g and radio dot com. White socks are home against the Cleveland Indians. Pre game. It's 6 35 1st pitch at 7 10 That's on AM 1000 tonight and the Cubs are in ST Louis. Your money on WG and here's Orient Samuelson and my Wall Street screen is still read. The numbers are down for the day, the Dow industrial average down 99 points, the S and P 500 down seven points. And the NASDAQ is trading lower its down 19 points and takes the volatility index of the CBO. We is also down. It's down about 1/4 of a point, checking some of the notes that are moving the market today. The second quarter corporate earning season pretty much over. About 82% of the S and P 500 companies that have reported so far have beaten dramatically lowered estimates, with earnings on average coming in 22 a half percent above expectations and T Mobile US jumped 8% as it added Mohr than expected monthly poems subscribers and said it had overtaken rival A. T and T is the second largest U. S wireless provider. And underlining the disconnect between US economic health and a stimulus lead rally on Wall Street. The NASDAQ closed yesterday above 11,000 for the first time in history mess traders counted on Congress to agree on another Corona. Relief package grain market at the Chicago Board of Trade Today. The September wheat con drag, down nine cents a bushel. September corn down three in the quarter Scent and the September soybean contract down eight and the quarters and some bushel. Mercan Dill Exchange livestock futures there. It's a green screen. The October lean, hard contract of a dollar 95 cents on hundredweight. August light candle contract of 87 cents in the August feeder cattle contract is up 25 cents Hundredweight and that's your money on 7 20 W. GM it's 79 degrees at O'Hare. I'm Steve Berg trained on Chicago's very own. 7 20 W g. N At Walgreens. We.

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