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The insurance source? That means Robin Templeton is with us this morning. Good morning, Robin. Welcome to a brand new day, and I'm doing fine. And I know for you a brand new day means a new opportunity to check in with folks and talk about open enrollment and for a lot of people, including me, especially just coming into that stage of life. You. Ah, You don't really know what that means. So maybe fill in some of the gaps. What you've been hearing from people, maybe questions they're asking, and things have been able to help him with One of the biggest things that I found that I'd like to share it on your part D prescriptions eight year we know things change. What you take this year is different from last year and welcome to beautiful next year. Help for you're going to be helped. You know, next year you come out with me. That's the biggest thing that I have found people that don't know that there's prescription drug coverage out there. They just don't have the regular Medicare AMG. But nobody no drug coverage because they haven't had to have medications. So they haven't about one. Okay? We're required No law for Medicare because their tails to get your penalty from the have your part of the plan for every month, but you don't have that part of the plan its authority. Penalty that I had left over time, especially going to Goa for 10 years or so. That's funny. Oh, wow, They really did have a couple of 20 years, maybe other healthy. That's what she says. Healthy Horse of American medicine until now. Now I'm having issues. So now you need to get some health insurance to cover Must Maje. Now she found out that's where the penalty can because Medicare doesn't like to share that with my cushion so most people don't know that there is a penalty to start with. If you can t hide have 30 cents a month for 20 years. You're right about $180. A month penalty per person could have been a wife. But now you have that you don't pay for the rest of your life. Really the crew and when I took it out, So we put in a drug plan to you, but stop cocoon of that month, but from their forward you have your drug plan costs. The medicine costs and your parents cost, so it's really important to make sure we get those drugs taking care. Wow, it's and it's really important to make sure when you're looking at open enrollment in navigating anything, and when it comes to insurance that you do it with an expert, and that's why that's why Robin's the insurance source. So folks want to get in touch with me and get that road map going. How do they do it? Give us a call at the office and talk to Ashley. She comes to the equipment on the mine number. There's 7703 to 1900. They stopped by the office if they like it. 42 22 Cameron quit Georgia. Why don't you take a look at our Web site, this dancer and Giorgia dot com Don't forget the Medicare Mana, Georgia. Now I am a woman, but I am the Medicare man. If you want to know how she pulls that off,.

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