Washington, Republican Campaign Committee, Digi Martin discussed on WBT's Morning News with Bo Thompson


Of leaders in washington congratulating us and really mmediately letting us know that they wanted to be there for us they wanted us to get washington as quickly as we could and meet with them so we've been doing that over the last few weeks we had opportunity to go up and meet with the national republican campaign committee and they've been extremely helpful and have committed their full support to helping us win this district so it's been it's been really good a lot of support for the north carolina delegation as well well and whoever wins this is gonna be a newcomer because the incumbent is out of the mix now and so a lot of national attention on this race and i was talking to you off the air i said the most attention that's been on the ninth district know probably since the days of digi martin versus alec mcmellon because a lot of people think this is going to be really highly contested election are you seeing are you feeling that national attention already the interest that people are talking about this race oh i think you know when we consider where we are as a country right now and i think there's no question there seemed to feel like this polarization that's taken place and i think people are certainly have strong thoughts and strong opinions and i think as we get ready to go into the fall there's only going to ramp up even more but there's a lot at stake i think that's one reason this is so important is because what's at stake you've got president trump you have his agenda that is obviously working in many ways we see with the tax cuts we see the economy moving at an incredible pace right now and just a lot of support for the president and the night district of north carolina without question and so i think when you stop and consider the agenda that he has put forward and that nancy pelosi and the democrats and of course dan mccreevy being a democrat our bottom line going to be part of that that they're trying to stop the agenda that president trump's put forward and so that's gonna cause a lot.

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