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It was built before the war and its story continued long after it was over the House that stands today at at four. Oh One Baltimore street was constructed in the early eighteen hundreds by its original owner. A man named John McFarland who lived there until his death in eighteen fifty one is death however would be the first of many to take place in the life of the home he built today. It's known as the Farnsworth House in but in July eighteen eighteen sixty three when the armies of the north and the south converged upon the community there in Gettysburg the house was owned by Harvey Sweeney and his wife Catherine a live there with their daughter Elizabeth as well as some lodgers who rented a room but when the union forces arrived they also took on larger duties. Those Union troops needed space as for supplies and safe medical care and set up camp at the Baltimore Street Hus- but after just one day of fighting the union had lost ground and the sweeneys home became a meeting in place for the confederates instead. In fact it said that southern sharpshooters actually fired at the northern line from within the house literally placing part of the battle inside sweeny home for three days. The sweeneys were forced to stay away from the House and probably wondered. If they would ever get back we can look back today and know that the battle would end on July third but to those in the middle of it must've seemed like a new reality with little hope thankfully on July fourth. They were able to return but it wasn't a warm welcome. According to the stories told about the House Catherine and Elizabeth where the first step back inside and when they did they discovered a scene of horror and destruction. The interior of the home was in disarray. Windows were broken. Furniture had been destroyed and blood was everywhere including the walls. That wasn't the worst of it though. They apparently discovered a room on the second floor. That was absolutely covered in blood blood. And when they examined more closely they noticed drag marks that led out into the hall and then down the stairs following the red smears. They were led to the cellar earlier where they discovered a horrifying scene. The bodies of two confederate soldiers one of which had nearly been decapitated. Most people have assumed that these two soldiers orders had been stationed in the upstairs room. Sharpshooters but had retreated after being mortally wounded a retreat that led them to the dark silence of the houses seller and that same seller has been reported to be the location of a number of unusual things over the years. Some claim that an aggressive confederate spirit fills the place which which some are quick to blame on the two bodies that the sweeney women had discovered there. But there's also a mysterious mirror down there that seems to have a mind of its own leans lanes against one of the walls down in the cellar and while it doesn't have a menacing appearance many who have spent time with it. Come away feeling. Threatened and oppressed others have seen ghostly images behind themselves when looking into the mirror and some have even captured mysterious shapes on film. It's even been known to move overnight as has the plain in white sheet that sometimes covers it. It's not the only space in the house. That's reported to be haunted though upstairs on the second floor is a room known today as the Sara Black Room named after one of the previous owners of the building witnesses claimed visions have been so strong inside that room that they've even been photographed from the street below. Although I haven't been able to track down images back up that claim completely but if you ask most people in Gettysburg today what the most famous ghost is in the entire house nearly early everyone will agree that. It's Jeremy Legend says the Jeremy as the ghost of a young boy who died outside in the street due to a tragic carriage accident. The the injured boy was apparently brought inside for medical attention but passed away before he could be saved and perhaps because of his painful death. Some think the boy has simply refused. I used to move on and find peace. Interestingly the stories claim that the room he died in eventually became a bathroom. The bathroom in fact that's connected connected to the Sarah Black Room that I mentioned a moment ago. Jeremy has also been seen or felt in other parts of the house including the seller and the kitchen. But it's one particular the story that has left many people scratching their heads. And if it's true. It's more than a little frightening in another room in the house where Jeremy has been known to frequent. A red. Wooden toy box has been kept. Perhaps to let him know that he's still remembered. Once visitor used a recording device to listen in the room apparently captured a small. Quiet voice whispered Jeremy Red box later in that same room. Another visitor became frustrated by a table lamp that kept switching on and off. Despite everything they tried and making sure to press the button firmly until the light came on it would switchback off a few minutes later. It was only after hearing what they believe to be the gentle laughter of a small child that this guest decided to see if the lamp. Perhaps I had a faulty cord. They approached the table one more time and then knelt to trace the core down to the outlet where they hope to find an answer instead. They discovered something that caused them to catch their breath. The lamp you see hadn't even been plugged in.

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