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That's correct I I I have so I have an insulin pump. I have something called the. CGM Am I see GM Continuous Glucose Monitor and my insulin. Islam pump basically has a reservoir of insulin that I change out every four to five days and it automatically will pump in. What's called the Basil rate into me through a subcutaneous little Caola Aniela suicide note a subcutaneous? Kenya's just fancy talk for tiny house that goes onto your skin and then every time. I have something to eat as carbohydrates. I have an estimation mation of how many carbs at his I have an insulin. Capriccio plug that guy into my pump and get a Bolles Vincent and hopefully cover that meal and who is a good it candidate for that because that seems way better than poking your finger and and poking yourself with all right no it does. I mean it doesn't it doesn't so it's interesting. A lot of type. Ones prefer her to not have the pump. So you have to be attached to it all the time. It's kind of annoying the main question you get asks like what are you doing. I'm in sex single dangling Mike. Pack or something exactly is like I mean you haven't ever had sex before but when you do those things Ashley Plug for your sexology episode. What does a person with type one diabetes do about having an end right? I mean when I was first diagnosed. A lot of these technology didn't exist so I would use syringes and and so the technology has come to be so that the disease can be very well managed and hopefully kind of fall into the background a little bit and the pump allows a lot more of that. And so now we have this. What's what's called a closed loop system so my continuous glucose monitor which I have on my arm? It sits in the interstitial space. And it's detecting. This kind of flux walks of glucose across cells. Why so meaning is because it's given me a sense of the direction of where my blood sugar's heading before it gets there? So if I'm on my way down or on my way up I can kind of take care curve that before it actually hits and my pump has now the ability to say. Oh you're going up. I'm going to give you a little more incident with having to do anything which is like phenomenal. Yeah it's not a good candidate for a pump so really expensive to it is is. It's crazy expensive so thankfully I have insurance but I think about this often as well as more recently with the you know the Crazy skyrocketing price of insulin. It's ridiculous that what is causing this insulin. Search what's the deal who I oh boy howdy. We're going to get to the cost of insulin in next week's part too but you can start right now just practicing screaming then with rage if you like but at this moment back to the pump. Oh my God so many things so so just real quick with the pomp. So who's a good candidate for the pump. So if you're type one you know you have to demonstrate that you have you still the pump not autopilot. You still need to be cognizant of how to take care of yourself and how how to troubleshoot and it's also a machine which can have its own issues which I've dealt with as well so if you've proven to your your endocrinologist who you're diastolic. Just that you have have a good sense of your disease you know how to handle it and you know what to do in case of emergencies and troubleshoot and you really want to try and find tune then that would be a good thing for you a. c. g. m. on the other hand I think every diabetic should should have priority. GM It kind of feels like you're flying an airplane with a blindfold on you test your blood sugar. And that's one point in time you don't know if that's a one hundred and it's going up we're going down. You have no idea. So the only way to combat that as you test your blood sugar. Twelve Times a day and connect the dots which is a pain in the ass right. Yeah it sucks. Does it hurt too perky finger. No no I mean. I don't think so. I think anything that you do every day for X.. Amount of years like you just kind of adapt to but even when I was diagnosed picking your fingers like Nothi- walk doc in the park. Yeah what advice we give someone who's just been diagnosed. Who took a question? I think it's important to recognize that. It sucks I think oftentimes when like bad stuff happens to people and people who have experienced with it like. Oh it's not that bad or whatever I think it's okay to Kinda Kinda get down on their level and be like this sucks but just because it sucks doesn't mean that your life is over and it doesn't mean that you need to alter everything in your life it means so you can have to make some changes and you're gonNA have to adapt but it's adaptable and it's doable so adaptable and it's doable. especially with all the diabetes and charities working to further outreach and research and for each episode we donate to a cause of the logistics choosing and for part one one diabetes doctrinaire chose an organization called beyond type one and beyond type one is uniting the global diabetes community and providing solutions to improve lives. Today it was founded in two thousand fifteen and they focus on education advocacy and the path to a cure and their site is awesome. It has everything from equipment information to to die at Info to Dad's AKA diabetic alert dogs and it was a great resources. I was researching this episode and it has wonderful links for patients patients in for newly diagnosed folks. So that's beyond type. One with the numeral one dot org so that.

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