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Save twenty percent by automatic delivery we have people would be more responsible will take their skill sets and learn how to basic trauma basic life support and then work with local sheriff and get guns skill sets i blonde and they are i enjoy i think it's important we have solved events i think i just see lots of black grandma's in chicago have of guns police near the columns against helping rescue them when they're trapped by cartels by drug power of gun gangs that they could they the citizenry come walking in protective menard saving body armor hiding skill sets and training so we have a civilian militia so a a while what i see happening what i see happening is is a we have a situation where the powers that be one time we don't have solutions to problems i believe we do i think that one of the things you guys give me a gift is as as my a a i believe that prophetic apple sala calling did not only provide a returning the years of asu's let's mankind with my colleagues last week i have the first padded products actually's stops aging i'm working on a plasma epa genetics therapies it actually will regenerate organ in your body and i believe that we're within a matter of years not decades the conquering aging and disease right now a lot of things we can conquer they do amazing things reversing heart disease love bypass surgery surgery killing cancer overlook irregular chemotherapy regenerating you're brain function after traumatic brain injury regenerating bones says there are still good across you product great have a fracture regenerating period donald disease and you're gums bring it back you're mood and energy level and you're not transparent reminding her brain stopping post traumatic brain injury ptsd and those have been exposed the high stress environments in the battlefield etc we also can solve all the geopolitical problems and they transcend by the way come back to the bible which means got izzy provider of all he's gonna give us health mad at and the former neutra medicine technology is gonna get a spiritual man by giving us great blessing so you know we have for example other christians on my show don johnson gray loser agent archaeologist new zealanders christian archaeologist we've got canned klein who's bell or it is already now will be filmmaking there'll be coming back a we have hardly flyer jose christian is over in dealers foundation in germany we have doctor betty martini her husband we have a people that you know why serve god and do the right thing a it's important to make sure they understand that they ask apology of a lot of these public church is both christian jewish and muslim etc are at odds and that's gonna be swept away by god god's gonna solve these problems is gonna provide people like us with solutions so you don't have to rush the war you don't have to feel desperate move to socialism you don't have the economy's gonna crash and we're gonna have just gotta lock and load we're gonna have a situation where we protect each other and we don't end up with a state of desperation where the power goes up we don't have a power line protected so i want it in the past state of moral to be a day where independence of evil independence of the desired harm other people in other countries so we maintain her position i'm glad we have a man in the white house has had restrained and not go and kill iranian after are are go walk went down i'm glad we have a man who is prepared as it says they baby christian there's a fault choose from a council of of i call high priest people that are like the cabinet council samuel cooking divvied would provide him the right information so he stays in the godly position with god and the nation america prospers and stops doing evil around the world declared or how intel agencies like sad special activities division of cia department of justice that guys have been doing you've around the world supporting things like al qaeda and isis we get rid of a globalist politicians and those why have you totalitarian police state socialism or communism we make this they vapor in the win of the demon rats their latest debates how they wanna take over the country and they're gonna act like say british santa claus rally harris and give us call all kinds of free stuff there's nothing free so tell trains takeover ultimately becomes more and more vicious and controlling because they'll have opposition and if they raise taxes dramatically that crashed economy and allows people will find will move to where basically everybody maybe gets a bowl of rule cool and the subsistence economy dissolves left feeling realise there you don't have a choice here you could actually prosper and still take ever everyone but no one is created equal equal but everybody deserves to be able to have a living wage everybody deserves have healthcare access everybody deserves the not dying in a foreigner unnecessary wars everybody deserves have ecosphere stabilized so we don't end up with collapse of food supply or climate so vicious nominees earthquakes can't protect it i know even technologies that could modify storms and i'm weiner's of a tornado is using up a basically a positive tried being technology that she unwind tornadoes i know about ways of reducing the tiger frequency across falls onto you don't end up with a nurse quick release you concrete micro quakes hunters of micro quakes today rather than make a quick every twenty fifth year five hundred here's the fact is these things that technology is already he been highly research somebody bring on the program lots of experts developing what we say including a experts in northwest university and ringwood i even side years the mantle of the connection between a nascent of water and volkan ism all around the world of major changes i want people understand some solid science here and if we don't have all the answers we have better and better and better questions raise issues and they say it paradox or in anomalies isn't answer to a question we have asja so if you ask the right questions we do it in a godly fashion and we seek the bible we seek and prayer god's answers and solutions we will always move forward and our civilization to move off planet the tara form titan and and mars to move away from other sources the deep paces space and become truly the queen of the heavens as we become mayor family of human beings and are descendants have extended lifespans godly purpose and the will of god in our hearts to do his only his will and not what is right in our own eyes because that is the definition of evil doing what is right near all rise is always not the will the most i got we're seeing things going as that the medical profession everything needs to be reformed the geopolitical system is evil it's oppositional systems are developed by the same people like in kingdom rod of ancient babylon i see are geopolitical system could only be reformed insider from the spirits of good many americans the tape pro say let ican action like out of winning court go their churches and demanded that a false esque pathology be removed from the church you're not gonna get raptured away christians when things get bad the raptors gonna take evil also good at persist in that god has seven near further you knew what it will future workout were human beings you learn new little babies in in boys.

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