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Not be completed until tomorrow afternoon for some customers, according to ADP a woman remains in custody for allegedly shooting and killing her sister early Saturday on the city's east side, the thirty one hundred block of east thirteenth avenue responding officers found thirty two year old Sade garner with a single gunshot wound. She was later pronounced dead. Her sister old on juried Lawrence has been arrested and charged with murder stakes are high had a President Trump's meeting with North Korea leader, Kim Jong UN ahead of the second summit in Hanoi. Vietnam. President Trump's striking a more realistic tone tweeting that the two leaders quote, expect a continuation of progress than simply adding the word denuclearization with a question. Mark yet. Former US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson on ABC's this week says without steps denuclearization. This meeting means nothing. I don't believe it would be a successful summit unless you had some kind of commitment on North Korea's part, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news Washington empire actor Jesse smell at maintaining his. Innocent says he stands accused of filing a false report about an alleged hate crime. In chicago. Prosecutors say smollet paid two brothers to pretend the beat him up. Your Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson on ABC news. Good Morning, America. Today, we were very closely with their lawyer and their lawyer when an aunt talk to them, and whatever she said to him apparently got through to them to just tell the truth about what happened, and that's what they decided to do the actor told police he was jumped by two men shouting, racial and homophobic, slurs on January twenty ninth health inspectors getting the credit for tipping Florida police off to a sex trafficking. Ring the lead to charges against New England. Patriots owner, Bob Kraft, Dave, ehrenberg state attorney for Palm Beach county tolls. NBC's today show the case is about more than the famous names involved high profile nature of this matter has put a spotlight on the evil of human trafficking. I think if you are just making it about one individual or a bunch of alleged Johns, then you're missing the point because this is about modern day, slavery and police said the health inspector notice women working at the day spa had clothing and suitcases at their workplace indicating they live there. Paper patriots owner Bob Kraft was charged in the case Friday is attorney said he is innocent radio six ten WTVN sports or the blue jackets making another move this morning acquiring goalie Keith Kincaid from New Jersey for a fifth round draft pick in Kate. Three eight starts for the devils. This year just fifteen eighteen and six in a press release GM yarmulke line and said while we believe goaltending is a position of strength for our club with.

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