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For 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS. It's been a day building in the Liberty ti OPI traffic center Pretty slow going downtown of the streets that are open. It will be congested, basically south of Massachusetts Avenue in K Street. It won't be easy getting around. If you do need to get down that way, and you have a destination downtown. With the closures on the western half of them all, including but not limited to Constitution and independence Avenues for the march on Washington Memorial Bridge is closed, but the other Potomac River bridges are open, carrying heavier traffic, the usual especially on 3 95 across the inbound span of the 14th Street bridge. The express lanes were also backed up a swell outbound traffic from the tunnels toward Virginia. The freeways open, but it too, is heavy and slow. 12 Street Tunnel closed inbound Traffic, Ninth Street Tunnel open. Outbound traffic is part of that tunnel system. Third Street Tunnel opened but slow both ways. D c Tu 95 heavy North bound your Pennsylvania Avenue South bound forties Capitol Street. I tu 95 North bound Crash reported on the right side near the 11th Street Bridge. Maryland Interlude Heavy through silver Spring that's gonna be volume 95 North bound past 1 75 crash on the right make that on the left shoulder to 70 North bound. Volume delays moving north of Highest town and 80 or Bana in Harpers Ferry, the gust front from one of those storms in Maryland, pushed over a tree root 3 40 crash reported there as well just east of the Shenandoah River near Chestnut Hill. Road traffic getting alternated by one direction at a time passed down tree on route 3 40 I 66 of heavy traffic. In Ah Virginia, East and westbound throughout Vienna and Oakton 95 carrying heavy and slow traffic and stretches between Springfield and Fredericksburg, Dave Tilden w T. O P Traffics Get back to Storm Team four and Mike's tent offered Mike We're going to have to brace for some strong weather in many parts of our area today, huh? Yeah, there's a severe thunderstorm Watch for most original eight o'clock along. I 70 corridor. Very powerful thunderstorms just below severe limits. Now stretch with Frederick to Mount area and now we're seeing an explosive development of thunderstorms across Frederick County. Get ready to move into northern portions of Montgomery County, Maryland, right along the 2 70 corridor, and some of these cells may turn severe fairly quickly. So standby to 70. You're about to get hit really hard. Along with the I 70 corridor, so severe thunderstorm watch goes until eight o'clock. More heavy thunderstorms, which will propagate southward of the next couple of hours. That's reason why the wash goes all the way from most of the metropolitan area. The risk for severe weather will end after sunset, but a risk of showers stars will stick with us overnight lows in the upper sixties to lower seventies. Tomorrow we'll have the Rennes of Laura coming away. Also a strong cold front, so showers of storms likely tomorrow something storms could be severe but also is a risk of heavy rain heist. Probably the load a bit eighties and then we'll get the front through here Sunday and Monday look great with dry weather, pleasant temperatures and low humidity. Hi. Spoke days, upper seventies to lower eighties. It's 82 in front of 90 in Leesburg. And right now, Shawn, we have a temperature of 93 at Reagan National 92 in northwest D. C. Brought to you by new Look home to sign right now. Say 50% off all roofing materials for 21 here on Double D. T. O P. Now, our continuing coverage of today's march.

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