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We are part of <Speech_Male> this and and <Speech_Male> right now we're are choosing <Speech_Male> free. We're choosing <Speech_Male> to watch videos <Speech_Male> that we don't want to pay for on <Speech_Male> youtube that people spend <Speech_Male> tremendous amount of time <Speech_Male> putting up. <Speech_Male> We're choosing <Speech_Male> to watch free podcasts. <Speech_Male> But <Speech_Male> it's not really free. <Speech_Male> Someone <Speech_Male> is getting their <Speech_Male> share at the end of it. <Speech_Male> And it's not you. And i <Speech_Male> the consumers <Speech_Male> so it's not until you <Speech_Male> go on patriots <Speech_Male> or whatever other products <Speech_Male> are Blogs <Speech_Male> paid blogs. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> It's not until you start <Speech_Male> doing that that we're <Silence> going to step away from <Speech_Male> displaced <Silence> that <SpeakerChange> we find ourselves <Silence> in <Speech_Female> fantastic <Speech_Female> will <Speech_Female> thank you. I've <Speech_Female> learned so <Speech_Female> much just even <Speech_Female> in this interview <Speech_Female> today. It's been fantastic <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> really opened my mind <Speech_Female> to a lot of things <Speech_Female> that i think we need to continue <Speech_Female> to open our mind and learn <Speech_Female> and grow in because <Speech_Female> it's <Speech_Female> ever changing and <Speech_Female> we need to keep up <Speech_Female> and like you said stay in front <Speech_Female> of it to <Speech_Female> to to be able to <Speech_Female> change it so <Speech_Female> thank you prince <Speech_Female> guman. Thank you <Speech_Female> johnson. Checkout <Speech_Female> blindside <Speech_Female> go to pop neuro <Speech_Female> to check out <Speech_Female> the blog and <Speech_Female> if you wanna find <Speech_Female> out what was that thing <Speech_Female> at the end <SpeakerChange> of the <Speech_Female> ted talk that prince <Speech_Female> shared <Speech_Female> about. <Speech_Female> If you still have that question <Speech_Female> your mind go watch his <Speech_Female> ted talk. It's pretty fun <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> many blessings <Speech_Female> to you. I hope that you <Speech_Female> continue on this journey <Speech_Female> in a positive way <Speech_Female> and align with <Speech_Female> your values. <SpeakerChange> And what's important <Silence> to you and <Speech_Male> right back <Speech_Male> at you donna. Thank you for <Speech_Male> having us and thank <Speech_Male> you for you. <Speech_Male> Know doing your part in <Speech_Male> distributing this <Speech_Male> stuff that <Speech_Male> we're so <SpeakerChange> passionate <Speech_Telephony_Male> about but without <Speech_Male> you playing <Speech_Male> the role that you're playing <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> the aggregate <Speech_Male> of knowledge and instead <Speech_Male> of knowledge this <Speech_Male> would sit in a bookshelf <Speech_Male> somewhere or in <Speech_Male> a inventory <Speech_Male> amazon's warehouse <Speech_Male> and that's not <Speech_Music_Male> fun so thank <Speech_Music_Male> you so much <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> pleasure. <Speech_Music_Female> Thank you <Speech_Music_Female>

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