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A full no trade and uh he could remain with miami at least for the time being i do not believe he's gonna be a marlins to start the season i think they're gonna figure it out ultimately i would say that uh if if those two choices right now st louis in san francisco i would guess san francisco based on being around that team and talking to people and am loving the west coast um you know i i think that would be the gas at this point the dodgers require a looming but uh i think they're just too much to work out with the dodgers it'd be really really wants to serve the dog here if you try to wade out he may end up having to wait a year is out because they've got a luxury tax issue for two thousand eighteen can be very difficult and miami's gonna have a hard time making a trade with the documents show um i think we may have some decision this week but i don't know that's got the ultimate decision g bruce i i don't uh you know i i know that they're interested at some level but uh doesn't feel like a lot of optimism there um i've seen as suggested in the new york post that they might go to three years um but he's looking for five uh i i've seen colorado's the possibility i i lead toronto probably is uh maybe seattle he's gonna have options he did a good job the really good job as you're in new york and and cleveland so are really turned things around this kind of interesting that he had no trade value or trade market and yet he's got the free agent market uh it's kind of the same katie martinez are other jd martinez as even bigger free agent market jon heyman about the baseball we we've heard for the last couple of years canada's connection between the yankees and kyle schwarzer initially it was a before the deadline when the yankees were selling should they trade the two relievers for sure bor trump did not have a great year last year the yankees obviously have it opening a dh do you see that connery heating up a little bit the yankees and.

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