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Komo's Ryan Harris got to see some of the tunnels. Many. Modern features today when you first entered the tunnel. There's lighting the changes along the way to allow your eyes to adjust from bright sunlight just about every inch of the tunnel can be seen by the roughly three hundred cameras inside some says tunnel system engineer Terri Kyle's ear for surveillance around the operations buildings with the yellow stacks. You'll see at both ends of the tunnel. We have CCTV cameras or bentos zones. Smart cameras is someone who'll have phone goes, preset, tow. It goes to the overeater would say fast. Who is also we have incident texting cameras the detect any object in the way that stops. That means if you try to walk into the tunnel the eye in the sky will see you your cell will. You work all the way through for just calls. No wifi, and you'll be able to keep listening to KOMO news on your radio all the way through unless there's a problem and the operations team takes over your radio to send you a message at the north tunnel operation center. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. When was the last time your car failed a state emissions test? Chances are it's been awhile. Komo's Corwin Haeck reports that clean modern vehicles. Or spelling the end of the decades old emissions program. Every other year for the past thirty seven years state law has required. Many car owners to pass any missions test to qualify for new tabs that requirement ends next New Year's Eve Andy Winneke with the State Department of ecology tells me why air quality is just much much better in our state than it was back in nineteen eighty two when we started the program new vehicles. They have a much improved emission systems the fueled actually cleaner when he says the state tested seven hundred fifty thousand vehicles in two thousand eighteen only thirteen percent fail. The initial inspection. Only four percent failed. The second test. We think he's going to continue to improve even without the program. Keep in mind, though, even though the program is ending. If your car is up for this year. You must still pass it to get your tabs Corwin Hake. Komo news. Coming up on KOMO a stretch of Aurora avenue gets a facelift, and perhaps a new name. I'm Brian Calvert. With the votes scheduled for.

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