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Going to have to create some opportunities to best their yamaha. Rival and petco is going to have to be locked in on trying to turn in another podium result. He's definitely capable. I only bumped him down to this category because of his general lack of results here in the past. And then we're going to move onto a rider that i think a few people are going to be surprised. I put on the list but cal crutch slow home track. Moving up to the factory yamaha don't expect him to light up the world in his debut in factory leathers but being at silverstone is gonna be a big boost. He's going to be awfully excited to be in front of the hometown crowd again. He's going to be pretty jazzed to be doing it in factory leathers as well cal podium. Here he's got five finishes of seventh or better with a few races under his belt now in a better bike to work with take that toss in the home field advantage and i could see him turning in not a podium but but a better than expected result an ob pretty awesome to see if he can do it And then from here on out. We're gonna continue on the riders. That are much more iffy than say. Petco back ni- maybe alex runs Next step is miguel. Lavera 'em miguel's wrist injury definitely derailed would have been a fantastic run with the new. Ktm chassis and his issues were compounded by the tire problems in that first austrian round. He says that his wrist really wasn't bothering him that much but he also didn't make it to the end of either of the last two races so it remains to be seen if silverstone is going to be more like the racist prior to the break or the ones that he's had after the break if he's healthy olivera definitely has the chance to be the top. Ktm rider in this one and he solid top five threat. But i'm being a little bit cautious because we just don't know what we're going to see out of him yet and exactly where. The state of that wrist is then final writer on my watch list for this weekend. The british fans will be seeing him for the last time in emoji. Gp race valentino rossi. Broissia's coming off his best finish of the season. Which of course doesn't mean a whole lot because it was far more product of gambling on slicks in the rain than anything else however it does mean something to valley because for the first time on a patrol spike he felt like he could have gotten decent result. And that may may carry through to this weekend at attract that he really really enjoys racing. At in fact that lay has the best silverstone record of anyone on the grade. One win and four career podiums remember silverstone only goes back to two thousand ten and in the last three races here he was third third and then fourth could his final time around in the uk. Be his elusive. Two hundred. th career podium if that's in the cards but this could be a race for us to build off of to eventually get that final podium may be at a place later on this season like misano so those are my watchlist riders and that means the only thing we've got left to do to make some picks and as you tell as we were going through the favorites in my watchlist. There are a lot of riders. we talked about. They don't have a lottery results here. And that's gonna make this race way. More difficult to pick in. It also means things could be very wide open. I come up fingers crossed. We're going to see like one of those classic phillip island style races where we legitimately have five or six guys in the mix all the way down to the final few laps. So with that here we go. I'm going to try to make some picks here my top five finishers for this weekend's british gp in silverstone starting fifth going cates him. But not the one you might think going olivera. A few weeks removed from that wrist injury and attract. That's more like the places where he looked fantastic before the break expecting a little bit of rebound out of miguel so a return to the top five in fourth place. I'm going to go with marc marquez. He's definitely getting more and more competitive by the race but this hasn't been one of his dominant tracks throughout his career. So i think he'll just be looking to build towards what's going to happen in aragon going to pick him right off. The podium in fourth brings us to the podium finishers in third. i'm going to go. Petco back nyah. Jack miller probably has more potential here but back ni- has the momentum he looked fantastic in the austrian. Gp and now that he's got his podium mojo back and is second in the standings. I expect he'll be extra focused on keeping that going in maximizing his potential to make up ground if fabio coiro should stumble brings to the top two and in second. I'm gonna go with zhou mir two years ago. Of course alex serene stole the show. And then a couple of years before that maverick fan. Y'all says one at silverstone. So i really think that suzuki is going to have a competitive bike here. But it's mere not rinse who started off the second half looking very confident. And i think he can pick up that british gp slack for his teammate. And make a run at the front. So i have him second which means we've got a winner to pick i'm going with fabio quad sharara. I know going out in limb right. A fabio has been fantastic all year long and etta track where there's usually yamaha in the mix. He's the natural pick in fact right now partially because of how he's racing and partially because of how inconsistent everybody else has been. I would consider coiro to be in a near mark like zone. Where i really think that people have to prove they can beat him for me not to pay him at a toss up. Track like i think silverstone is this time around. So those are my top five. For this weekend's british gp miguel olivera v marc marquez fourth and on the podium. Petco back ni- joanne mirror. And your winner fabio. Coiro do agree the disagree you know to do. Tell me my picks are awful or awesome on facebook at facebook dot com slash motive dot net or over.

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