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Advanced a stand your ground Bill today, and it prompted some fiery exchanges on the house floor attempt is and I know what you're saying. I hear it all the time. Well, the teachers or somebody in the building we'll be able to protect the students. What is the teacher panics? The Bill removes a duty to retreat for armed Ohioans facing a threat, or what is a preceived threat. The Bill also prevents municipalities from an acting local gun control measures. Several other states have already passed a similar bill's the Bill does need Senate approval before it heads to the governor's desk. The governor meanwhile has expressed his opposition to the Bill and would most likely veto it. But Republicans say today they have enough votes to override any veto current house majority leader Kevin McCarthy will be the minority leader in the next congress in a vote among House Republicans today in Washington California's McCarthy beat back a challenge from Ohio's. Jim, jordan. The vote was one hundred and fifty nine to forty three and Ohio murder suspect, easy agreeing to be sent back from Kentucky to face charges in the pike county massacre, George Billy Wagner, waived his right to an extradition hearing today in Lexington after his arrest there on. Tuesday, the forty seven year old along with his wife and two adult sons are charged with aggravated murder in the execution style killings of eight members of the rodent family in twenty sixteen. The lawyer representing porn-star stormy Daniels as reportedly under arrest on felony domestic violence charges. Multiple reports late this afternoon say that Mike eleven Audi is accused of abusing his estranged wife after an incident on Tuesday. He was arrested today in Los Angeles.

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