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Every once in a while and i thought oh. I gonna do something like that. I don't know what that is. You know zone but there were so many you know and then tomb was great because if you did something he went. Oh yes do that. And then walk over here. And do that. Like when i when i walk over and do the kick the trio you know i think it was. There was some joke. it might have been nice model. But then i in the f. word and i thought you know somebody told me if it's true or not. Somebody told me the sensor they used to send somebody into a screening room and pick things and go. No can't do that. Nope cancer that no. Someone told me she fell asleep during that period and missed it. I i don't know if that's true or not but so we got away with saying that man. I've got two more for you here. Michael keaton celebrity tour false true false negotiated a break in your batman contract in case the pirates made the playoffs. That's true kind of an ongoing for several movies. But by the way they all and that's when they were good but imagine doing now that go find no problem. That's the first. Yes they get from legal so but this is back when obviously we're talking about the bonds vance slide pirates right that's talking about. They were always in the gym leland. Smokin heaters in between innings type. Okay and then the last one for you. True or false you and martin mole improvise the to twenty two twenty one. Whatever it takes exchange in. Mr mom said charles totally martin's line totally mark knowles lying. He he goes what we i mean we did. I ended up saying he goes Were i'll tell you what did get improvised. Like moments before not improvised. I said the prop guys you know. I need something seen You know this guy's really insecure right now. He's panicked. I need something. I go yet tools. And you know. Like and i was looking for some tools and and either he mentioned a chainsaw. I did and he was so great. Ran random the problem scrambling around came out. And i said yeah. Yeah yeah perfect. and then. He handed me the goggles. So you want these absolutely guinea so so then we start shooting the scene in doing that and That lying you know the setup is So i'm telling them work on the house. And i don't know what i'm doing and he says so you're going to twenty and then and then i i kinda i think originally what i do was i kind of fake. I go Yeah or something like that and he says you know you should say take two twenty two twenty one you know. I think he's either. I said whatever it takes. Yeah he came up with that. Well i mean he's He's legendary as they come in mall for the fernwood tonight. I mean you you've been just this has been an amazing conversation. Michael and I i i. I barely just scratching the surface on everything spotlight byrd. Man are just incredible films. That you're in the trial of the chicago seven. I mean obviously What we just talked about as well the protege. You also have worth coming on. Net flicks is september and then dope sick. Which is yeah. I'm already making appointment viewing for that on hulu on october. Honestly i it's it's it's awfully good. It's it's really really good and man. It's it's it's gonna it's gonna be eye-opening i think For a lot of people. Before i leave you know what i keep asking her mentioned and sometimes they remember sometimes they don't And i know this is a male centric show. Probably but people don't talk about how great terry are. Was you know when mr mom mom. But and all that stuff young frankenstein people forget man she was she was you know she was. She was funny and smart weedy and quirky and charming and great look at it and there are very few people that mentioned her now like when they mentioned the really funny women so i always try to mention are no question. We were talking about again. Prior to the show which one of your films from your way back in the day filmography. We could ask you about. And i mentioned how terrific teri garr was beforehand. No no no question about it wasn't she. She was also. I think in the conversation too which is a brilliant movie that people don't talk about that coppola movie She plays them on. Doesn't she played the moment. Black beauty that that Really awesome wasn't a q. I'm not kidding. This gorgeous movie this kid and his horse. It's stunningly beautiful. Yeah and Young fraticide as you pointed out to. I don't know if you wear too but tomorrow is the thirty eight. Th anniversary of the premier of mr mom michael really. it's a fact. Wow the day before the protege. Yeah look at a tiny. That's a class a little classic. All right i'm gonna leave you alone. Michael atop the dog man. I know that you and i share that love of animals and dog my wife and i we have two beautiful rescues at home and life is good when we get a chance to connect I'd love to do this again whenever you are michael. Keaton is places open to you and enjoy the steelers season. We'll chat.

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