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Of cars and transportation and how you'll be getting from one place to another in the coming decades. Will it involve driverless cars, maybe not this is not a car that is going to come to your doorstep pick you up in whiskey to LAX. It's just that future may never happen. But the future will happen in LA. Mayor Eric are said he has big green plans for we're going to talk to him about that on greater L A KCRW right after the news. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm shannon. Ben sent the FBI says, it has got multiple tips before the shooting at a California synagogue and Peres Carrie Johnson says the reports came in only five minutes before the shots were fired FBI officials in Washington confirmed that they heard from tipsters online and by phone shortly before this in agog shooting began the submissions included a link to the suspects post on an online site, but they did not include specific information about the author or location of the threat, FBI employees tried to follow up. But the bureau says it could not fully identify the suspect in time. Federal authorities are thanking alert citizens who saw reported the post one woman died and three others were injured including the rabbi and nineteen year old man has been charged with one count of first degree murder in three counts of attempted first degree murder. Carrie johnson. NPR news, Washington federal law enforcement agencies say they have disrupted domestic terror plot aimed. Multiple targets. A US military veteran of the war in Afghanistan was allegedly planning to detonate explosives and launch attacks in southern California reports say he was caught in an online sting operation and arrested by the FBI, the leader of ISIS. Abu Bakar al-baghdadi has appeared in a video released by the extremist groups propaganda wing. And peers Ruth Sherlock says he uses the appearance to talk about next steps for the group. If this is confirmed to be a boo back-row Baghdadi, it will be his first appearance in west five years in the video he sits cross legged with a Kalashnikov weapon at his side. He acknowledges the group's recent defeat in bogus the last ISIS stronghold in Syria and you recognize what he calls the sacrifice of the ISIS members who died that he tries to rally support his around the world praising ISIS members in Libya, Mali and bikini Fassa. Andy congratulates the perpetrators of the Easter Sunday suicide attack. Wchs on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, the left more than two hundred and fifty people dead. He vows the fight is not over reach and beyond news.

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