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Week with Oscar winner Matthew mcconaughey who does not love McConnell. Hey. We I fell in love with a guy back in nineteen ninety three when he played Woodson in the movie dazed and confused remember he was the twenty something guy who is still hanging out with the high school kids in town kind of a local legend who uttered the phrase alright. Alright. Alright. Did you know? Those three words were the first line ever delivered by Matthew mcconaughey in a movie it was his first acting job and that was his first line from there. He went on three years later to star in a time to kill opposite Sandra Bullock. That's when he really became a movie star then he went through the two thousands as this. Romantic comedy guy doing movies with Kate, Hudson, and J. Lo, and at long list of romantic comedies and then two thousand eight just goes dark. He was offered at one point. You'll hear talk about it fourteen and a half million dollars to do another. Comedy and he said, no, that's how serious he was about kind of things in a new direction in his career. So he goes away for twenty months almost two years. Comes back and just takes dramatic roles. Culminating in Dallas Buyers Club for which he won the Oscar. For Best Actor, of course, he did true detective which an amazing Hbo Series and so much more since then and now he's out with this book called Green Lights, it is the story of his life. He went back and looked at the diaries he has kept for thirty five or thirty six years since he was fourteen years old, he's fifty now. But last year he took all those diaries went to a cabin with no electricity in the middle of nowhere and read through them in realized there's some good stories in here I should put them in a book because I think a lot of people can relate to them. Most of US met Matthew, mcconaughey as a movie star but there's a lot of life for him before he got into the business Amazing. Truly like eye-popping some of them shocking stories in the book about his childhood and growing up in South West Texas you day Texas including some scenes in his home of violence between his parents violence toward him and we have kind of a a deep conversation about what he took away from that what it means to him. So so much to talk about with Matthew mcconaughey around his new book called Green Lights Right now on the Sunday, sit down podcast. Matthew thanks for doing this man. Appreciate it. You're welcome with a good to be here..

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