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I knew it was coming. I swear to God there were trying to make that connection if this if they if the next headline was some sort of connection to orchids of Asia day spa. I'm like, oh, forget it. I give up. Oh, my God that yeah. Because you know, that that it would have been see vodka crafts got to get off. Right. He's friends with the president. And now he's bringing his concubines tomorrow law in that would have been like faster have been prostitution charges drought espionage charges brought against patriots owner, bud graph. Because they even went after the the former owner of that day spa simply because she hasn't done it in ten years simply because she was a mar-a-lago member. Yeah. And they had a picture wasn't. She was Trump like Bob crafts booth. Yeah. A football game. Listen, if you're a millionaire around here sooner or later, you wind up in mar-a-lago, it's a way it is. I mean, it just it. It's the one percenters of the world could afford to join places like that. I mean, I hope everything hauled her in the question does she goes? I have an it didn't ten years. Leave me alone. Yeah. It was. But I mean, that's that's a very small circle that he travels and by the way alone. I remember when we were doing the golf tournament at leaf which is coming up, by the way, I'll be going to Trump International soon. Adopt. Bring a what would they say as flash drive, the hours with viruses or or cell phones or cellphones? Hold on run phone, but I I will get pictures. So they lockers this time because they're all engraved with the names of the women of the women's locker. Obviously, actually if I dress appropriately probably get into the guy's room kinda shocking. The even have a win. I bet you. There was a time in place where they didn't even have women members at this place. Oh, I don't know pre Trump, obviously, I remember like because there's the first row of of and they're beautiful. They're like hand carved walnut. I mean, they're beautiful lockers. But the names like VERA Wang was while. Sure. Yeah. There's some really heavy duty people in there, and I'm like, oh, okay. And then there are other names, and then get chased out, man. Get away from there. You can't take pictures of like okay going now further than the Chinese lady yesterday chased out. Did you ever go to the kitchen seriously? Yeah. All right. As a matter of fact, they give the kitchen we have a big barbecue the sheriff since over its grill team to feed everybody. So we use the backside of the kitchen, and you know, all the ice and Trump gives us everything. He's he's very generous. And yeah, the kitchen's beautiful, but every employee ever talked to their loves the guy anybody we've met and could totally unsolicited. They've told us the stories member. Yeah. They're just nice. They just say he's as nice as can be and when he shows up at these country clubs if he finds out you've done, something good. You know, whether you've helped a member or you know, maybe he'll give you a tip. They say he'll just walk up Hanjour money really say thank you probably not now that he's president. He can't do that. But when he was just Donald Trump. He was very generous. A big dinner last night. Of course, he took some shots. Joe Biden, we'll have those later for you. But he also talked about the border because the big trips coming up Friday going to be at the border. Does this shut it down Seattle think? So I think it does just for a little bit half a day just proved that he can that could be up both sides. You know, I could see that happening. He talked about trading is very important the borders are very important, but security is what is most important to me. I have to have security. I love that I have to have security and my border. You know, what I'm using my calculator here. Now in Arizona alone last month, they said eighteen and a half thousand immigrants were allowed into the country. They say for every person that's allowed in three to four illegally crossed the border and get into the United States. So I'll take the low end. Okay. Right. Three is that means fifty five and a half thousand people last month, alone snuck across the border in Arizona. Chefs in Arizona in one month ridiculous. I mean that is a crisis. But people don't people get bogged down with numbers. This is why I thought it was smart. You had this story this morning Kirsten Nielsen homeland security secretary finally said liken it to a cat five hurricane. That's what it's like the kind of damage you can cause. I mean, that's what people understand. Well, if you've got one hundred thousand people coming across the border right now every month. Right. That's not sets the crisis. We're talking about right? Know what eventually, you know, you may say, oh, well, you know, we're a welcoming country, and we should allow these people in. Okay. Wait till you see what your federal taxes become because somebody's going to support these people. And it's you and me is you're right. So I it eventually will hit the bottom line. Maybe that's really what it'll be. They come up with one solid final number and keep it to one number and say, this is what it costs you every single year. Well, everyday say if they put it on your paycheck, gay if if this is right by the FICO thing and social security, people would free immigration tax or something. It would be an it's like five hundred dollars marching to the border tomorrow. Why can't they do that? That'd be the answer solution. But they need to simplify this message to people they do. Well, it was just like the trade war. You know, and everybody all the Democrats. He's he's messing up trade agreements that have been in place for fifty years. And who does he think he is? And then you find out in one simple case that Canada was. Charging for dairy products imported to Canada from the United States are hundred seventeen percent tax. That's ridiculous on one product. So how would how the hell would anybody from Wisconsin be able to ship any candidate in think it's gonna get sold as once people finally understand it, they'll they'll be behind the plan. You can shut it down or threaten to shut it down. I don't know. Who knows you can only hope you can only hope there's an adventure that no one trusts. Well, and I think it's because of his age. Kind of a little maybe that too. I don't know. He was he's always twenty two now. So that means he was probably like eighteen when he started. Yeah. First of all the avengers trailer a new one came out yesterday. Simply do.

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