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Again. It's a lot of a lot of pressure man. It is a lot of pressure but pressure. Both thus pipes are makes diamonds so you're seeing a diamond in the rough right now being made and you know i'm. I'm not a very smart life. I'm not going out you know putting myself in vulnerable rebel situations. You know i came here. Do the show because i respect you and everybody here. Matthew shade coming up but i want to be somewhere where it's going to be a situation like i went to sports illustrated and the guys are just like all that it's a symbol. Hey i'm like okay. That's your opinion to me. It's a symbol of unity and i respect what what is he's trying to berate me in in <hes> in the interview to come on bro like we don't have to talk about it. Let's talk about my fight. Let me some real but i also think like that's short sighted. Whatever that the old school journalists we i think also a lot of whether they're journalists or they're. They're just regular people who have shows like when you come mine. I think it triggers people if they don't realize what you're doing is part of a business plan like you. There's nothing you can say that can offend me. Nothing your stuff about <hes> matt hughes. I thought was hilarious. There's nothing you're gonna that could possibly crossed the line for me because i know you're doing this to put money in the bank for you and your family family so that's your act but there's certain people like we went on with me should take i think a lot of times the way you conduct yourself for some people at triggers them so when you come on their hostile and things just make sense. Does it make any sense because i was mad at fucking hulk hogan. You know what i'm saying like he mad especially because i'm bringing a lot of facts and truth. You know the measham thing. She's mad at me for for saint facts and truth but she's talking shit about me saying oh you're a disgrace to western martial arts arts you know when she's a show for tari one a._f._c. but she wants to hate on me for being controversy in this. How did you make your career media. You made your career.

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