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This year is as american independence. And i would never have gathered that from literally any of the costumes that i saw. I mean i would you know you would think like maybe an american flag situation or something. That is one american flag. Did you know but quite a few red dresses. Abi and j. lo came It was more like a cowboy country western. She had this really big joker. And then ralph lauren. Think did i know my signed But yeah it's definitely interesting to You know it's a world. I don't really know but i obviously you know for its part of fashion week out there but it was right after the via maze. And you know they go wild on those red carpet looks and then yeah this red after it and i was so confused about who was trying to like. Wh who was wear it was a lot. Yeah but is that just am. I just not cool. Yeah okay. But also i think a lot of people don't care about that true yard well also when you're going off of a we're not coming off. We're still independent But but even pandemic or not you know i mean i think the met gala specially is very like. I don't know that. I knew anything about a. You'd say a picture here and there on social media but you know if you're not in high fashion or in the entertainment world. You're kind of like this is ridiculous. Has that like let them eat cake. Kinda feel the haves and the have nots. You know like this is a certain group of people and everybody else is like rolling their eyes. Because they're right. You know screaming kids in the background. They're trying to pay the bills. But you know it's part of the fashion world and it's a big tradition. Some of outfits are really cool and look really beautiful. I guess maybe. I just need to step up fashion game. May maybe you're here for the snack shirt. Oh by the way someone gave me this Fan gave me this shirt and she has worn it. I want to give him a shout-out. I cannot remember. I think it was omaha or was it phoenix. No i don't know they threw it. They throw it up on the stage. They made the shirt. It says here for the snacks. I would give their store shout out but i literally i actually threw away. The paper got thrown up on stage. And i lost it. But i have worn the shirt probably twenty times. Got it like a month ago. So thank you if that was you that gave it to me. Send me a message. On the sincerely fortune. Facebook page and few invited to the met gala. Next year she will wear this shirt. I'll tell you if i were go to the met gala. I'm wearing something with snacks. Element invite me team is snap. Hopefully the guys. How amazing would that be. That's how fashion. I'm saying your outfit have snacks on it. So as you're sitting there in hungary you could be eating the snack. We'll also well. I'll make sure to keep that in mind palmer and you know i definitely people think of me with high fashion so you never saw. But i can't wait to see you guys in virginia this friday and then. I'll be seen you in boston next weekend. I believe matteo lanes going to be with me which is very exciting. He's so funny. And i got some really cool openers. Coming some really talented upcoming performers in various performers as well and Christopher joel is going to be with me in oklahoma city and wichita we're going to give good show so go to my website like i said fortune pizza dot com slash tour. Gives you some.

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