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Left tap. For the Blazers. Loose ball to Lillard. A three for the land. Oh, my goodness. You've gotta be. Willard hits the three and the Blazers with a stunner. You got to be kidding. Oh, my goodness. That is unbelievable. Awful jump ball. Wow. Yeah. Stacey King Adam. I mean, they were quite surprised. You hear the surprise in Stacy King's voice. When you want to the game, there's 11 seconds left Europe five. You're going, okay? Gonna win this one. There's no way they're going to drop this one. They did a couple of three pointers. If you want to give less that you got an opinion 3123323776. The Bulls outscored the Blazers 33 29 in the third quarter and 36 30 in the fourth. So they about they outscored him by 10 points in the second half shows you how much they were down. They were down 19 after getting outscored 30 to 19 in the second quarter. They fell behind but came back that'll back in $19 character builder a bit, but it's certainly a heartbreak. Yeah, you would think and, uh, it was interesting because they call the jump ball. It was a quick jump. All that was called A Zach Levine got tied up after the three as the Bulls inbound the ball and a Billy Donovan, the bull's head coach, said. I didn't really like that call. Even if we advance the ball. We have to anticipate that you know, there's enough time to get a quick trap. And then you have to foul and You know, the ball comes into Zach. Um And You know, I don't even know if necessarily. He ended up looking for anybody. Because there was such a quick jump ball called. I mean, it was It was about as a quick of a jump balls I've ever seen. And you can't challenge that. I didn't Think it was. Really? Ah, good call at that point time like I get tie ups, But they just kind of like, grab the ball. She just called jump all Danica did. But listen, You know, we've got to be stronger in those situations. I could have helped a little bit more. I think maybe possibly calling time out trying to advance the ball. You know, But again, we could have been at a time out. Listen in those situations I've learned a lot of things can happen. You know I could call time out. We could advance the ball and then not get it in and it be a five second count. You know, we could turn the ball over. Ah, lot of things could happen and you know for me We got it into Zack. I felt good about it. You know, we obviously turned it over. We gotta jump ball. It didn't end. Well, there was a lot of things like there was a loose ball. We probably should have just someone should dove on it. You know, just to kind of even take more time off the clock. But you know, looking at it from my perspective. The ball get invented pretty quickly. But maybe when the ball when the basket you know, I should just call time out immediately. And maybe that would have helped a little bit more. I love Billy Donovan. The way, he explains, always impressed. Always impressive, like listening to him, and he actually took a little bit of blaming those. Maybe I could have called time out. We could have advanced the ball. You know, if we couldn't get the ball inbounds, they would call the five seconds But that would be up to us and then they'd have further to go. Get a shot off and things like that. But it didn't work. Bulls go lose 1 23 1 22 for the game. Larry marketing with 31 points 12 of those in the third quarter. Jack Levin had 26 Zach. Did you say, Jack? I might've guys Ace exact with it, but but they they had They shot the ball shot 46 47% from three. Okay, That's pretty damn good. Right? Tyler 47% from three years ago, I remember they flashed a graphic at one point in the second half and the bulls were shooting 60%. I think in the half that's when they were making their comeback down 19, but I mean, that's one of those games where, Okay, if it happens against the Clippers that happens against the Lakers, so be it. Like we've seen it happen a couple of times this season, But when you're doing it against the thunder without without C. J. McCollum right against the Trail Blazers with Mama calm and the Warriors were a little short handed when you cough that one up too, right? That's the residual effect of we haven't been a good team the last couple years we don't know how to win. And those first two, I thought would be the end because we have seen them respond pretty well. But I mean, last night was inexcusable. Yeah, and I think they feel that way too. 3123323776. As Sylvie said it. I've said it to the Bulls are fun watch. They're more fun to watch this year that they have been in the past. They play hard they going into yesterday's game. I had the stats here and I didn't get chance to use him yesterday. The Bulls were fifth in the N B A in points scored offensive point score. There were fifth They were there 30 teams in the NBA. They were 28th in points allowed. So you know, the defense has to get better. Next thing the defense has to figure things out this, uh, there are a few people reporting over the last day or so that the Knicks are looking at Levine. Does that make sense for the Bulls to give up on him, Tyler? Already. I mean, it's just It's just that I don't think so. I mean he's so cheap in terms of like, I'm not saying he's a superstar, but he's a very good player. You could be an all star this year, and he's very cheap by all Star standards. I think he's getting like 2021 million this year..

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