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So they go together beautifully. Absolutely. Yes. I think one of the things I love about listening to your show, and of course, getting to appear when I do is that it's clear. It's a delight to meet people who are excited about this era. These sounds as you are in his, I am and the chance to share them with people, whether it's through our radio shows, or through the medium of print in the nostalgia, digest. Yeah. Well, I I mean I know a few people that have that subscribe along with ice. Ab- scribe, of course, but other people that we've talked about it, and they always say, you know, it's, it's tried and true every single time they get there. Issue in the mail comes four times a year. They're always excited to open it up and read it. And they always learn something, it's always entertaining. You have great writers on your on your payroll, there that are writing these things, and you have a very I mean, it's just a quality magazine and it's, it's been out a long time. And you've got you figured it out. Well, thanks great. Well, I mean, Chuck shading, who started the magazine sort of set the template in the sense that he, he reminded me with every issue. He did the down just a very broad umbrella. I mean I love I love radio. I know you will both live radio. If this had strictly been a radio publication, there'd be an awful lot. We'd miss out on. Yeah. So the fact is that yes, we can, we can cover radio and radio performers like Agnes Moorehead, but we can cover movies and movie stars like may west and Burt Lancaster who are both in the summer issue. We can cover though the golden age of humor fiction, and how all those great stories were made into movies with share by the. Dozen on television to classic. TV is part of it. And then there's letters from people that listen to the show, they right?.

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