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A baseball neural. Twee right now actually be are a base running aware that and and they keep it monkey digging the best on the team that actually dude base coach. It's all all berated. It's funny because i was watching. I was just watching yesterday when i couldn't have had watching any election. Shed i was watching Just the discussion with our buddy. Brian kenny and some of the real even the weeds baseball writers who decide the mvp. And they're voting. You know the baseball writers were kind of upset because the mvp voting is now all about war. It's all about wins above replacement which doesn't take into account how you play on the road and this year was crazy because there were no fans and there's really no roe debt of so to speak everyone's kind of quote unquote on the road. But how do you play away from you. How are you like to me. I always want to look at the stat. We've talked about on the show but like tony. Winds is one of the greatest hitters of all time in george. Brett was a great hitter than on. But what i'd love to see is back in the day when when we were young when when coaches would leave starting pitchers in until the eighth or ninth inning or saturday. So tony gwynn. How many hits did he get in his career when he faced a pitcher third and a fourth time that he had seen so that he knows what he's throwing any better. I idea like union. I mean the thing that they pulled blake's now on an level on game six like they weren't doing that back in the day. So how many of tony gwynn's proportionately his hits did he get that time or robin yount or something like that and if they were playing today would they be facing a guy who comes in who is. Maybe if you're right in inter it's a right handed pitcher who throws one hundred miles an hour from behind your back. So i don't like it used to be. We would see a starting pitcher be gunning at like ninety seven ninety eight and then and the then the reliever would come in the nineties and then the relief coming in bro like eighty six. Now the relievers coming in like throwing ninety a hundred a is of the dodgers routinely hits a hundred on the gun and we just act like yeah. That's what he does like justin may. Who's a starter but came in and relief in that game and actually was hitting one. Oh one one or two. I mean the truth of the matter is it's interesting like back in the day they'd put in your closer in the seventh inning with one out and so like you could in some way facing right exactly second you face. That guy might be a better way. You might actually figure some things out just a different game and obviously with that had needs to be taken in but they were really lamenting the fact that it was all about war and and now with the way the way baseball. Baseball's done now. I know a lot of baseball. Purists are thinking ruins the game with things like shift and homeowners strikeouts in journey's end. There's certain arguments that but to take players that we consider amazing and say could they play. I heard a debate. That blew my mind. And you guys as cargo vans you. I wanna get your take on this. Someone brought up the point that they don't know if the wizard of oz ozzie. Smith could play in the modern game yet. Yeah because he was such a phenomenal defender. But now defense in the infield isn't as quote unquote valuable because things like shit so now you don't have to cover as much ground because you have another backup guy like right away from you because guys gonna hit and then ozzie. Smith never hit for power ever know. But but here's what. I would say about ozzy okay. The reason why think he would have been a success because we got to sit and talk with him and we know him pretty. Well i think when he got to a certain point in his career. And he's like. I gotta work on my hitting like i gotta get my hitting a switch hitter. Okay so already. That's a good sign and makes it. Hard to shift judas. Anybody exact right and then number two. He spent so much time on his hitting. He did beef up and then he hit that home. Run off of a needing fewer and that was like a classic cardinals dodgers moment. Go crazy folks go crazy but there was a point in that time. Where you say ozzie. Smith the kind of player who he needed to get better at this. He spent the off season and he worked out and he got bigger and he got stronger and then he yeah more so he i think he would adjust to what the game is now and i still think he would have been an all star and he did have like twenty five hundred hits which is kind of amazing when you think about you. Think about what he did. But you're right. A lot of those great plays that he made would have been taken away by the shift or wouldn't have been that spectacular because he's already in the right physician is already bright like the ball would get hit directly to him because he's standing behind second base where they've shifted him so yeah played in an era or or he makes an unbelievable play if they hit where the shift wasn't like. We don't know what what people do. You don't know what it's going to be. I actually think that's going to be an amazing being in the future because you guys adapt. It's all about the in game adjustments in how things you're just. There was a time when the the run pass option in football. You go back to the playoff game where it was colin kaepernick against the packers and the packers. Luli did not know how to stop it. They had no way of stopping when When the dolphins introduced the wildcat offense bill bell checked the greatest coach of all time had no game how to adjust and hop in how to stop it but he learned people adjust so i think right now is just that transitional period of baseball where now it's all numbers in everything's but then there there's going to be events like what happened. The world series was snapped out. Where now there's going to to be some sort of hybrid manager where it's like yes. We the stats but look test with city. National guy is just Struck out nine of eighteen batters and you see like my favorite thing was watching. The dodgers being At world series they all ask them about the snail decision. Everyone the dodgers was like. Yes we were like sure. Take him out well. If if analytics. We're used you would have never seen madison bumgarner being brought into a game. Seven the pitched six innings like. But that's out in having performances as you know that is right. That was his career defining performance. Yeah yeah you can't. You can't have that and i think a general rule for all coaches in all sports is think about what your opponent wants you to do. Yeah don't do that. Yes so in that case. All the dodgers were like. I don't want you to leave snell in. We can't hit him tonight. And you but numbers and you take him out at all dodgers like that. Thank you if you ask if you ask the patriots when they're playing the seahawks in in in the suit role what do you want the seahawks two do they pass on the doll. Throw the ball. He that we cannot stop because we cannot stop our sean lynch marchant. So think about what your what your opponent is coach you do and don't do that bad so good all right. Let's take a break brad. Williams with us we've got some quick hits on the other side of this good stuff and we'll find out.

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