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When Republican chairman mark. Hanna Call to order the National Convention in one thousand nine hundred. He said we are now forming our battalions under the leadership of our General William McKinley. A roar of applause erupted for several minutes. The Republican vote from McKinley was unanimous but with vice presidency up for grabs New York. Senator Thomas C Platt nominated the hero of the battle of San Juan Hill. But it was not out of love and respect for Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt had written his wave fame from Cuba to the governor's mansion of New York there. His progressive ideas worried. Many Republicans and Senator Platt Wanted Roosevelt out of New York politics by placing him in the vice presidential office. Plant believe Roosevelt would do the least damage to the party and the country mark. Hanna disagreed he said. Don't any of you realize there's only one life between this madman? The presidency. Hannah did not want Roosevelt to have the nomination and Roosevelt did not want either. He declared so openly and frequently and he said on multiple occasions that McKinley lacked backbone. He did not wish to sabotage his own political rise by SADDLING. A dead end job. Under the thumb of a man he viewed as spineless but senator plant proved to privately hate Roosevelt more than Roosevelt publicly hated the vice presidency determined to rid. New York of the governor. Flat began a newspaper campaign to promote Roosevelt's nomination. The public welcomed the idea of nominating a war hero and Roosevelt ultimately gave into the wishes of flat and the public. He agreed to accept the nomination. If the convention voted for him so behind the scenes plaque campaigned hard for his nation. Despite both Mark Hanna and Theodore Roosevelt's desires Roosevelt was unanimously nominated. Join McKinley ticket. Accepting was felt said he would serve the party as a dignified non entity for four years. The election of nineteen hundred became a rematch of eighteen. Ninety six William Jennings Bryan and William McKinley would face off again but this time. The election was riddled with third party. Challengers in eighteen ninety six. The populist party had abandoned nominating their own candidate toback Brian largely because of his pro silver posture. But this time the populace were split. Many again wanted to fuse with Democrats. Toback Brian but many other populace did not and those two factors elected to run businessman. Warren Barker other parties propped up their own candidates. The new anti-imperialist party also often toback the anti-imperialist Brian. The New Prohibition Party ran lawyer John G woolley other new parties included the National Party. The Union Reform Party the United Christian Party and the Social Democratic Party famous for being the first Socialist Party in American history. These socialist nominated union. Leader Eugene debs. Who in eighteen ninety four had been arrested during the pullman rail boycott but in November? None of the third party attempts ultimately received any electoral votes. It was still a fight between McKinley and Brian Justice with the election of eighteen. Ninety six Brian hit the campaign trail heart. He again gave a daunting six hundred speeches in twenty four states. He repeated his eighteen ninety six support for the free coinage of silver. He also railed against monopolies and trusts but the issue. Brian hit McKinley hardest on was imperialism. Brian preached that possessing lands and people without their consent betrayed the very idea of America. He called for a return to America's tradition of isolationism and. Brian was an eloquent speaker. Known for persuasively winning crowd. But this time William McKinley had a secret weapon his running mate who knew how to dangle. A carrot and hit with a big stick in the election of nineteen hundred feet or Roosevelt launched a stumping tour that rivaled. Brian's the tenacious Roosevelt made four hundred eighty stops in twenty three states. He painted Brian. As a feckless coward. Juxtaposing zone heroism with Brian's apologetic foreign policy when Brian attacked McKinley for denying the Filipinos freedom. Roosevelt's Slam Brian Hypocrisy. How could a man cry for freedom in the Philippines while turning a blind eye to violent suppression of blacks in the South on the economy? Mckinley and Roosevelt successfully dismantled. Each of the Democratic Party's planks the tariff debate which dominate much of the previous election became a non issue. Us exports now exceeded imports McKinley. Now campaigned making reciprocal trade agreements. Brian's pushed for silver which garnered support in eighteen ninety six now fell flat in eighteen. Ninety nine Congress had officially passed the Gold Standard Act and all but ended the debate over silver. Mckinley promised for years. More of the full. Dinner Pail a callback to his last election. Promise he had made America Prosper again and pledged to continue that prosperity for majority of Americans. Brian's bite no longer had any teeth in the end. It was America's booming economy in bold expansion that made voters favor McKinley. Military Victories had bolstered national pride and extended national borders. Brian try to cast the ongoing conflict in the Philippines as an unwinnable boondoggle but McKinley town of troop reductions and pledged an end to the fighting within sixty days and on the home shores people were working in. American innovation was on the rise in the election of nineteen hundred. Americans made their thanks known at the ballot box with fifty one point. Six percent of the popular vote and two hundred ninety two electoral votes. Mckinley won an even larger victory over Brian and in eighteen. Ninety six McKinley was therefore the first president since Ulysses s grant to win consecutive reelection after he won or Cannito McKinley. Your duty to the country is to live for four.

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