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Suspect injured in the shooting located by police the Harborview Medical Center show mall Jackson is charged in the shootout expected back in court later this month he's being held on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bail cooler temperatures today what a difference it is but we're still saying the aftermath of all the rain of recent days major flooding honest almost river at Snohomish right now cresting five feet above flood stage also some flooding happening insulting longer Stillaguamish river you see some roads have been closed Ben Howard road is also close cutting people off in that area from sultan an admin role we do have word red cross is open to a flood evacuation shelter in schedule county it's a Lyman elementary school for anyone needing shelter until the flood waters recede talk about some slides we did see quite a few listed yesterday the largest one sixty feet wide and seven feet deep closing the northbound lanes of I. five O. like Sam is near Bellingham the jurors were using a drawing to assess the hillside and figure ways to stabilize it the National Weather Service and conditions are prime for landslides across the region and today drastic new travel restrictions take effect in the U. S. to contain the corona virus outbreak all flights from China will have to land at seven airports seatac is on that list passengers will then be screened for signs of illness Americans returning from the epicenter in China will have to be quarantined for two weeks visitors to other parts of China need to check themselves for symptoms for the same amount of time delta and American Airlines suspending flights between U. S. and China as the virus continues is to spread right now there are seven confirmed cases here in the US men's basketball scores from Saturday final it was it was on a state over the Huskies eighty seven eighty three Arizona beat the Cougars sixty six to forty nine and Gonzaga pulls one over San Francisco eighty three seventy nine Superbowl today three thirty here on the west coast fox TV for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco forty Niners still on hold with coal traffic every ten minutes on the force for watching over crash on.

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