Saudi Arabia, NY, White House discussed on Bob Tanem in the Garden


Francisco Oakland San Jose cumulus stations we need to be careful not to east social distancing I'm camp so fox news that message from health officials across the country as cases of the corona virus appear to be leveling off it looks like in the last few days if you look across the country and your average out the numbers that we are near a plateau in the number of cases which would be a reaching a peak Dr Thomas Ingalls bee is the director for the center for health security of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health he tells fox news Sunday the U. S. would have been in a better position had it acted on early warnings one of the leading members of the White House coronavirus task force says parts of the country could be allowed to reopen as early as next month the doctor Anthony Fauci says the re entry would be rolling based on the status of the virus at a time like this you wouldn't think I'm nursing home would be willing to give up ventilators especially in hard hit New York but that's exactly what's happened in governor Andrew Cuomo is grateful a lot of pain a lot of suffering but also when things are at their worst sometimes people are at their best and sometimes just when you need it people can really show you how great they can be the governor speaking outside a nursing home in upstate NY ski you now that lent downstate hospitals thirty five ventilators New York state has recorded more than eighty six hundred deaths an agreement to help prop up oil prices could happen in the coming days according to Russia's energy minister both Russia and Saudi Arabia have agreed to cut production after threatening to flood an already saturated market the oil industry has been hammered by the corona virus has many people stay home and many planes stay grounded America's listening to fox.

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