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Much often very ineffective. It's not consensus. Elected Organization wants where if we had crucially important decisions. We didn't just put a hand off, but we just didn't have vote. We had a what's called a consensus decision making model. And the way that works is which a hand up. Five one five. And of course, if If you totally on board. Then you put five up. Not Actions not concerned. Run both play the head towards this. Solution or if manning this plan. Maybe. That person's unrealistic that put up five fingers. Other people might put up four fingers. It's good to not. It's good tonight. You don't have one hundred percent commitment. To that plan. Plus people might have a few little objectives, maybe just being realistic. What about if most people are three? What is still a whole lot of people with addictive, so they prepared to say yeah, let's go forward. But with objections that are gonNA, get in the road unique Tanada. What's the point of having eighty percent of people say yes. But huge number objections of the plans would. What's the point of having fifty one percent voting? Yes. All well in one have changed developed and. That was the rule so therefore. We're moving forward. Luck with that. If you don't have consensus, people aren't going to be running for. They gotTa Be Cooling Forward Reluctantly, or they're going to undermine things behind the saints. Consensus decision making model is referring to is a much longer conversational cypher another taunt, but there are other steps to it as well. will. I WanNa find out what the elections I wanNA find out is. Totally applaud oppose it. GonNa Block. Get the information you need. So that, you can achieve consensus to make sure that the project plan succeeds. The. Biggest Mestre have used that I is tight the Tom and be patient with decisions. Use the strategies up share tonight to move things forward, but be patient with them now that just getting a yes whole bullying your wife through doesn't. The greatest leaders of the people who have the greatest number of people on this side moving forward in the same direction, and it's not about being manipulative about the offensive and genuine. In order to make sure that everyone is working towards the same goal. Global leadership is about achieving success. Not about getting votes on the table or have short term wins. That understanding the cultural diversity. That exists around you. Buy Control that you addressing things in different ways as appropriate because you're different, cultural and unique context. Odd. Some of these strategies have been helpful for you withdrawn out. You've gotta go. I think find a really effective and a nice playbook you to look forward to be more effective regulation. Thanks for listening.

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